Thinker, Tyler, Soldier, Spy

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Title: Thinker, Tyler, Soldier, Spy
Publisher: Zortified & Fredicated Productions
Date(s): November 2000
Medium: print
Fandom: The Sentinel, Jim/Blair
Language: English
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cover by Arwen

Thinker, Tyler, Soldier, Spy is a Sentinel slash 116-page anthology released in 2000.

It borrows its name from a John LeCarré novel, and features nine stories alongside cover art by Arwen and interior manips by Livia. The printing sold out relatively quickly, and the zine has been out of print since shortly after it debuted.



Reactions and Reviews

When it debuted, reviews were mixed. Many fans praised Legion's long story (a crossover with Quantum Leap); some felt that the other stories were too brief. A number of fans critiqued the font size, which was very small.

[zine]: Be well rested - be very well rested. I suspect the font size of this zine to be 1 (but Debra says it's 6, so I might just believe her... as soon as I can read again... LOL) The zine more or less starts off with a huge Legion-story, one more in her Quantum-Leap-Universe, that offers another peek into Jim's and Blair's life after leaping and escaping the torture chamber. Eye of the Storm, 55 pages; Time has passed and now Jim and Blair are trying to cope with the fact that Jim is no longer working for the PD and that Blair has obvious problems - physical as well as mental ones - to live his life being not only a Guide, but also a shaman, not exactly knowing what he needs to do to fulfill the job-description. They don't get the rest they deserve, though: Once again Sam is trying to make them help him - his own daughter is about to be brutally raped and slaughtered by an unknown killer whose business are snuff-movies. All their wits and their unique bond are needed to get ahead of the rapist. The story is plot-driven and fast moving, with lots of hot and steamy sex (not only between Jim and Blair, also - as sort of a special bonus - between Al and Sam) to make it worth your while. Unfortunately the rest of the stories in this zine seem to be more or less "fillers", short, sometimes too short snippets of glimpses of sentinel and guide. The only other, longer story - Footnotes by Destina Fortunato, 31 pages - is a diary-like excerpt of Blair's tapes that capture "Blair-speak" quite well, but does not bring lots of unique stuff as it is tightly linked to actual episodes (which I am sure was the author's intent). [1]
See reactions and reviews for Footnotes.


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