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Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan Fanfiction
Title: The Apprentice Master
Author(s): Lilith Sedai, Lorelei, Cori Lannam, and Kate Evans
Date(s): 29 September 1999
Length: 147k
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
External Links: The Apprentice Master (Master & Apprentice)
The Apprentice Master (Lorelei's Desmesne)
The Apprentice Master (The Writings of Lilith Sedai)
Illustration by BlackRose. Note: Marked as sexually explicit; minimized.

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The Apprentice Master is a Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan story by Lilith Sedai, Lorelei, Cori Lannam, and Kate Evans. It's categorized at the MA archive as BDSM, First-Time. A little angst. Possible PWP. Lots of smut. BlackRose made an illustration for the story.

Summary: At a Jedi-Only nightclub, Obi-Wan finds out who's in charge.

The Apprentice Master: co-written with Lilith Sedai, Kate Evans, and Marnee. BDSM warning! If you don't like that, don't go here. Obi-Wan goes to a Jedi-only club to find someone to master ... and finds his Master. (191K, NC-17)

Recs and Reviews

This is one I go back to time and again whenever I need my Obi-on-top fix. I would love to see more stories that turned the tables of the master/apprentice relationship so neatly.

In line with later canon, the setup here is also interesting -- a Jedi-only sex club where Padawans, Knights, and Masters go to relieve their tensions. I do wish there had been a sequel that explored more of /why/ a Jedi-only sex club was needed so much. Of course, more hot sex wouldn't hurt either.

And well, these authors can write the hot sex, keeping firmly in Obi-Wan's point of view and at the same time conveying Qui-Gon's feelings and frustrations. In this story, we see the transformation of Obi-Wan from a sexually timid young man to a confident top, and the transformation of Qui-Gon from a rather smug submissive into someone who is truly submissive, and, interestingly enough, that makes the relationship an equal one.[1]
Today's rec is "The Apprentice Master" by Lilith Sedai, Lorelei, Cori Lannam, and Kate Evans. That's quite a collection of notables (and you'll be seeing more of Lilith Sedai). This is a TPM Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan story with the fairly outrageous premise that there exists a Jedi-only sex club. I know, but go with it. You could actually skip most of the setup and head right to the point of the story, which is Obi-Wan in disguise getting Qui-Gon to sub for him. This is one of the stories I come back to when I want something hot. (I promise to get to the things that I like for reasons other than hot sex, too, but they somehow didn't make it on my initial quick list.) Warning: There is a piece of fanart in the middle of the story. If you find yourself scarred by that sort of thing, you might want to disable image loading before you click on the link.[2]
This? This is good clean BDSM fun. Obi-Wan is a fledgling dom who is persuaded to go to the Jedi-only pleasure club to find himself a suitable sub. He doesn't realise he's been set up until he's faced with the least-likely sub on the planet: Qui-Gon Jinn. Disguised in the club, Obi-Wan decides to take on the challenge of taming his Master. Despite how it sounds, this is really a rather romantic story, and the descriptions of Qui-Gon as a sub are delicious.[3]
the apprentice master, by lilith sedai, lorelei, cori lannam, and lapis lazuli. star wars: ep i. nc-17, very smutty, bdsm. also sweetness. dominant!obi-wan isn't very experienced with his kink yet when he goes to a jedi-only sex club.[4]
In a Jedi Only nightclub, Master and Apprentice find out who's really in charge. A delightful romp in the key of slash and BDSM. I especially enjoyed night three.[5]
Long Stories: The Apprentice Master by Lilith Sedai, Lorelei, Cori Lannam, and Kate Evans. Yowsa! If you like SUBMISSIVE!QUI-GON or DOMINANT!OBI-WAN, you will love this story. When Obi-Wan is persuaded to go to the Jedi-only sex club, he meets a beautiful submissive Master. Guess who? Obi-Wan's struggle for mastery of his own Master takes him, Qui-Gon, and us through three nights of passion and exquisite torture. Will Obi-Wan be able to master Qui-Gon? And will he be able to keep Qui-Gon from discovering who exactly is the Padawan who says, "I may be just a Padawan, but my Master has taught me a great deal about control"? [6]


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