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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Lorelei's Desmesne
Author: Lorelei
Dates: 07 June 2001 (or before) - 20 January 2002 (last update)
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Forever Knight, The Professionals, X-Men, others
URL: http://home.netcom.com/~loreleif/fiction/index.htm (Wayback)
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Lorelei's Desmesne is Lorelei's slash fanfiction page.

Forever Knight

Protective Custody is a story I co-wrote with the wonderful Arduinna Finn. Originally, this was meant as part of a much longer story I started more or less on a dare that "no-one can write a real plot for Nick/Vachon slash". However, we don't really appear to have got round to plot yet. <g> This stands on its own as a PWP. BDSM Warning! Blood, domination, fights over the remote, and other assorted vampiric things. If that's not the kind of thing you like, you won't enjoy this. Originally appeared in the multimedia zine Nothing to Hide. (63K, NC-17)

Lost Boys

Found Again: This story originally appeared in the multimedia zine Indigo Boys 5, and appears here by kind permission of April Valentine. You can't kill a vampire with animal horns, you know. And Michael finds that you can't really go back once you've tasted the other side. (Also available in PDF format) (53K, PG-13)

Phantom Menace

The Apprentice Master: co-written with Lilith Sedai, Kate Evans, and Marnee. BDSM warning! If you don't like that, don't go here. Obi-Wan goes to a Jedi-only club to find someone to master ... and finds his Master. (191K, NC-17) Dreams of Reality: Appearing in a multimedia zine by InPerson Press. Qui-Gon reads Obi-Wan's journal, and discovers that his Padawan is in love with him. What will he do now?


Occasionally, I come up with things out of the blue — snippets or PWPs for shows I have no interest in as a fandom or that I like but don't intend to write on a regular basis, or fiction I enjoy but I'm not terribly sure is of interest to anyone else. Things that pop out of my head but that aren't ever likely to warrant a page of their own. This is where they go. The Better Man: A PWP based on the movie Hollow Man. I think I've explained enough that you don't really need to have seen the movie to read the story, so long as you know the joke about Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Invisible Man that Sebastian tells in the movie and I heard in high school. This story is a bit of an odd one, since I'm not usually interested in rape stories and always swore if I did ever write one, I'd damn well make it psychologically realistic. But I suppose there's a first time for everything. Rape warning! This is a rape-fantasy fic; while I in no way support or glamourise real-life rape, this story is rape played for titillation, not sympathy or horror. If you're not into that, you won't enjoy this. (51K, NC-17) (Note: removed, pending zine publication.)

Gabriel Knight

(No relation to Nick.) If you haven't ever played Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within, you're missing a real treat. Not to mention a slash-fest. If you have played the game, my work in progress Fade to Grey follows the game up until Gabriel's lying suffering (beautifully) in the theatre office, and then posits what might have happened had Gabriel actually got to read Friedrich's letter.

My story is tentatively planned for an upcoming Indigo Boys zine, but since many fen are unfamiliar with the canon in this case, I've decided to post a bunch of stuff here with an eye to introducing the characters and world to slash fen. Hey, you know you need a new fandom!

The World of Gabriel Knight (Warning; here be major spoilers for the games!)

Pictures of Gabe and Friedrich

The Professionals

My main fandom, the lovely lads Bodie and Doyle. They have Big Guns, and they know how to use them!

Bugged: The very first fanfic I ever finished as an adult. Written as part of a spate of Christmas stories on the CI5 list. How would you feel if someone always knew if you were naughty or nice? Also appeared in the zine Virtual Pros: The Christmas Edition.

Once More, With Feeling: An anniversary story about life as partners at home and in CI5. Some things never change. Originally posted to the CI5 list; also appeared in the zine Virtual Pros.

Murphy's Law: A day in the life of a different CI5 agent. Everything goes wrong for Murphy.

Interested in joining CI5, the Pros slash discussion list? E-mail me affirming that you know what the list is about and are legally old enough to join. Please include your e-mail address in the body of the message.

The CI5 Bum and Pickle Pages are a series of silly little pages started by a CI5 discussion. Crotch shots galore of Our Lads and the actors that play


Friends: Logan and Kurt discover something new about the nature of their friendship. (36K, strong R)

This story is also available on the lovely and talented Rex Luscus' Nightcrawler Index, along with many other wonderful Kurt stories, pieces of fanart, and the latest Nightcrawler news.

If you're looking to kill some time, here's a little something I did in a moment of weirdness. Not scripted yet, so just print it out if you like. Or draw circles on your screen. Best Buds: An X-Men Word Search.

The Lord of the Rings

My first fandom, my latest fandom. Maybe one of these days, I'll find the all-but-slash piece I wrote in third grade. Or maybe I'd rather not... Tolkien is God, the books changed my life several times over, and the Peter Jackson movie is everything a book visualisation should be. Except it isn't slash. Well, not really. So it seems only fair that some of us fans make it so.

Odd Man Out: Whose bright idea was it to send nine people into the wilderness? Gandalf gets grumpy. PG, more pairings than are healthy, no explicit sex. (7K)

Fiction (W)rec(k)s: I started posting these to some friends, and decided to put them up here; partly so that anyone interested can take a look at them, partly so that I have some prayer of remembering what I've already read. WARNING: Opinions ahead! If you're likely to get offended by someone talking about things they do and don't like reading, don't bother reading this. I'll be happy to debate and discuss (de)merits of things, but if you try to whine at me about only being nice, I will laugh at you. Everybody has an opinion; these are mine.

tawarndis pikal: One awful woman's weekly (or so) spotlight/rant (an expansion of Things I Do Not Get). No promises on how often it gets updated, but hey -- as long as folks are listening, I'll spout off!