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Title: Nothing to Hide
Publisher: Get-the-Boys-Together Press
Editor(s): Mona v. Petersdorff
Date(s): July 1998
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Nothing to Hide is a slash 261-page multifandom anthology published in Hainburg, Hesen, Germany. The fanzine won the 1998 Stiffie Award for Best Multimedia Zine and numerous stories also won awards.

front cover by AvP

It has a sister zine called Even Less to Hide.

It required an age statement to order: "NOTHING TO HIDE contains same-sex, adult-oriented material and requires an age statement upon order, and will not knowingly be supplied to persons under 18 in Australia and Europe, and 21 years in the USA/Canada."

Publisher's Thank You

From the zine: "A word from the publisher: I'd like to end this zine by sincerely thanking you for buying my first ever slash zine. I'd also like to thank some other very important people: My deepest thanks go to my loving and supportive husband Alexander. Special thanks also to my beloved friends Petra, Kerstin, Alex and Bine. Without them, this zine surely wouldn't have been published. Best wishes from Germany, Mona."

The Zine Layout

The zine has no table of contents.

The color KOZ illo is numbered and appears after the zine cover.

Most of the art appears to be by Anja Gruber.

One illo is by Kath (possibly Kath Moonshine).

One illo is by Bine.

All of the art is uncredited.


  • Three Day Pass by Arduinna (M*A*S*H, Trapper/Hawkeye) (1)
  • Under Scrutiny by T'Mar (Due South, Fraser/Ray V) (20)
  • Stumble by Sitnah (X-Files, Mulder/Krycek) (26)
  • Departure by Elizabeth Holden (Professionals, Bodie/Doyle) (29)
  • An Unusual Icebreaker by Anne Higgins (Professionals, Bodie/Doyle) (47)
  • Waiting For Burnett by Flamingo ("Author's Note: This is the first chapter of a novel-in-progress wliich begins where the Miami Vice (Sonny/Tubbs/Marty)/Beauty and the Beast crossover novel The Curse of Black Opal ends. However, Waiting For Burnett involves only the Miami Vice characters. Sonny Crockett, Ricardo Tubbs, and Martin Castillo. In this universe, these three men have worked out an often-uneasy relationship as lovers, witli Crockett as the central figure around which Tubbs, Sonny's partner, and Castillo, his lieutenant, revolve. However, tlie events of Black Opal have left Sonny emotionally scarred. As the novel begins, he is still working on his recovery.") (Miami Vice/Beauty and the Beast) (48)
  • Neon Nights by Elessar (Professionals, Bodie/Doyle) (72)
  • Stealing a Moment by Glacis (X-Files/Once a Thief). Mulder mistakes Mansfield for someone he's not. Revelations ensue on several levels. Crossover based on the fact that Mansfield and Krycek were played by the same actor. (10,472 words) (86)
  • Riding on the Barkley Ranch by Mitch (The Big Valley) (97)
  • Some Wounds Never Heal by Takeshi (Poltergeist: The Legacy) (103)
  • The Gay Blade by Lianne Burwell (Once a Thief). (~4,100 words) (105)
  • Cost of Living by Jennifer Lyon (Law And Order) (109)
  • Dreamcatchers by Jane Mailander (Due South) (119)
  • A Chance You Have To Take by Cassandra ("Publisher's Note: This stoiy has already been published a few years ago in "Rebel Desires", a zine by Bill Hupe and Peg Kennedy. We decided to reprint the story (with the permission of tlie author) to accompany tlie sequel in this zine.") (Blake's 7, Avon/Tarrant) (120)
  • Nightmares by Cassandra ("Publisher's Note: This is a *new* story; a sequel to "A Chance You Have To Take". Tliis story takes place after the episode Rumours of Death.") (Blake's 7, Avon/Tarrant) (124)
  • Interplanetary Outing by Maiden Wyoming - (Professionals) crossover with Star Trek: The Original Series (127)
  • Another Dead Teenager by IDP (Sentinel) (135)
  • Protective Custody by Arduinna and Llwyden ferch Gyfrinach ("Authors' Note; This story is excerpted from a longer work in progress. If you enjoyed it, please let us know - it may inspire us to finish faster!") (Forever Knight, Nick/Vachon) (146)
  • Dancing on a Highwire by McLara (Sentinel) (155)
  • Deep-Felt Apologies by Richel Darrah (Poltergeist: The Legacy) (163)
  • Bittersweet by Sharon F. (Professionals "with a little twist") (includes the characters Alan Cade and Peter Skellen) (165)
  • Ancient Weakness by Ruth Imeson (Forever Knight) (172)
  • None So Blind by Amanda Warrington (Professionals) (177)
  • A Chat With Father by Anne Higgins (Professionals) (193)
  • Deliverance by Alex Vinci (Highlander) (199)
  • Keep On Truckin’ by Flamingo (Starsky and Hutch) (216)
  • The Unveiling of Harry Kim by Teresa Harding (Star Trek: Voyager, Harry Kim/Tom Paris) (226)
  • The Seduction of Harry Kim by Teresa Harding (sequel to "The Unveiling of Harry Kim") (Star Trek: Voyager) (232)
  • Che Uomo (What A Man) by Dominique Modiano ("Publisher's Note: This story has already been published on the HLX mailing list.") (Highlander) (239)
  • Just When I Needed You the Most by Tabata and Takeshi (Professionals) (257)

Sample Interior

Reactions and Reviews

See reactions and reviews for Keep on Truckin'.
See reactions and reviews for Neon Nights.
[zine]: Quite possibly the best multi-media slash zine in existance! Most m-m zines annoy me, since often there will be ten stories in a zine from wildly divergent fandoms, varying widely in quality. Usually there will be only one story I'm remotely interested in - sort of a waste of money, it feels like. Now, *this* zine has *30* stories, all of them marvelous, from well-known Slash authors like Arduinna Finn, T'mar, Elizabeth Holden, Anne Higgins, Flamingo, Elessar, Brenda Antrim, Lianne Burwell, Jennifer Lyon, Jane Mailander, Maiden Wyoming, Richel Darrah, and Amanda Warrington (reads like a who's-who of Slash fandom, doesn't it?), to new authors with whom I'm most impressed! There are 16 different fandoms represented, with a few xovers and A/Us. There *are* 8 'Professionals' stories, but the rest are rather balanced. Oh, and some amazing artwork in this, too! An absolutely exquisite zine! [1]
[zine]: This is simply one of the *best* multimedia slash zines I ever read.

NtH has a multitude of stories from a wide range of fandoms, everything from MASH and Big Valley to X-files, OAT, Starsky /Users/lizabethngockel/Desktop/Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 2.23.08 PM.pngand Hutch, Sentinel, I could go on and on. It even has a marvelous Pros/ST:TOS crossover. Includes such authors as Richel Darrah, Lianne Burwell, Jane Mailander, Cassandra, Anne Higgens, Flamingo... This is one zine I consistently press upon anyone and everyone who asks me about zines.

Just Buy It! [2]


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