Nothing to Hide

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Title: Nothing to Hide
Publisher: Get-the-Boys-Together Press
Date(s): July 1998
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Nothing to Hide is a slash 261-page multifandom anthology published in Hainburg, Hesen, Germany. The fanzine won the 1998 Stiffie Award for Best Multimedia Zine and numerous stories also won awards.

It has a sister zine called Even Less to Hide.



Reactions and Reviews

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[zine]: Quite possibly the best multi-media slash zine in existance! Most m-m zines annoy me, since often there will be ten stories in a zine from wildly divergent fandoms, varying widely in quality. Usually there will be only one story I'm remotely interested in - sort of a waste of money, it feels like. Now, *this* zine has *30* stories, all of them marvelous, from well-known Slash authors like Arduinna Finn, T'mar, Elizabeth Holden, Anne Higgins, Flamingo, Elessar, Brenda Antrim, Lianne Burwell, Jennifer Lyon, Jane Mailander, Maiden Wyoming, Richel Darrah, and Amanda Warrington (reads like a who's-who of Slash fandom, doesn't it?), to new authors with whom I'm most impressed! There are 16 different fandoms represented, with a few xovers and A/Us. There *are* 8 'Professionals' stories, but the rest are rather balanced. Oh, and some amazing artwork in this, too! An absolutely exquisite zine! [1]
[zine]: This is simply one of the *best* multimedia slash zines I ever read.

NtH has a multitude of stories from a wide range of fandoms, everything from MASH and Big Valley to X-files, OAT, Starsky and Hutch, Sentinel, I could go on and on. It even has a marvelous Pros/ST:TOS crossover. Includes such authors as Richel Darrah, Lianne Burwell, Jane Mailander, Cassandra, Anne Higgens, Flamingo... This is one zine I consistently press upon anyone and everyone who asks me about zines.

Just Buy It! [2]


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