Even Less to Hide

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Title: Even Less to Hide
Publisher: Get-the-Boys-Together Press
Editor(s): Mona v. Petersdorff
Date(s): September 2002
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Even Less to Hide is a 116 page slash anthology published in Hainburg, Hesen, Germany.


The art is by Geli and Sa.

The zine contains two ads. One is a submission request for a third zine in this series ("Nothing to Hide at All") but this zine was never published. The other ad is for Wayward Books, a fan-endeavor that mainly published fanfic with the serial numbers filed off as original m/m romance/slash.

It has a sister zine, Nothing to Hide.

A Word from the Publisher

I'd like to end this zine by sincerely thanking you all... the writers for submitting those wonderful stories and for being so patient with me, the readers for buying my second slash zine, the artists for doing some fantastic artwork, Sara Slin for allowing me to publish a flyer for her wonderful Wayward books.

I'd also like to thank some other very important people: My deepest thanks go to my loving and supportive husband Alexander. Without him nothing of this had been possible. I love you, my dear! And thanks for the cover!

Special thanks also to my friend Petra for final beta reading. Without all of you, this zine surely wouldn't have been published.

Best wishes from Germany,


A Unique Table of Contents

The first zine in this series, Nothing to Hide, had no table of contents at all.

This zine includes an "Index" at the front of the zine that lists the title of the story, the author, the fandom, and the pagination. A second index at the back of the zine repeats all this information but includes a story warning, and all the pairings. It is labeled "Special Index for the more curious of our readers."


  • Binding Ties by Brenda Antrim (Lord of the Rings, Legolas/Aragon) (1)
  • Past, Present and Future by Maiden Wyoming (Pros, Bodie/Doyle) (9)
  • Matrix of Reality by Angel Sparrow (Star Wars, Han Solo/Luke Skywalker) (13)
  • Realisation by Darby Brennan - (Pros, Bodie/Doyle) (also in Collected Professionals) (15)
  • The G-Men by Aurora (The X-Files, Mulder/Krycek) (29)
  • Wet-Dreams by Lianne Burwell (Happy Days, Richie/Fonzie) (36)
  • Out of the Blue by Tavaran (Pros, Bodie/Doyle) (38)
  • Secrets and Obsessions by Tarlan (The Magnificent Seven - Old West (Vin/Chris) (45)
  • Fields of Blue by Sue N. (The Magnificent Seven - Old West (Vin/Chris) ("Author's notes: This is a kind of sequel to the episode "Sins of the Past," and takes place immediately following the events of that episode.") (58)
  • So Sad About Us by Stiney (The A-Team, Face/Murdock) ("Author's notes: Rating: R; Warning: Slash, cussing. Summary: Face and Murdock's relationship has hit a serious bump can they fix things? Disclaimer: Don't own the A-Team, as usual. *smiley face emoticon* The title and lyrics belong to the LOVELY Pete Townshend. 'The Shining' belongs to my boy Stephen King.") (73)
  • With Authority by Lianne Burwell (MASH, Frank/Colonel Flagg) ("Author's notes; Mild non-consensual, mild bondage, potentially squicky pairing") (81)
  • Dirt Road Luvin by Stiney (The A-Team, Face/Murdock) ("Author's notes: Rating: NC-17; Warning: M/M sex of course, ok yeah it's REALLY cheesy in parts too, sorry it HAD to be done! Summary: After their tuck breaks down on deserted dirt road, Murdock and Face have to find something to pass the time") (88)
  • Momento Mori by Sue N. (The Magnificent Seven - ATF Universe, Vin/Chris) ("Author's notes: ATF AU; NOTE: Italicized sections are flashbacks. WARNING'. This story deals in a way with the events of September 11, 2001, and includes memories of the images from that day. It is, I hope, an ultimately uplifting, life-affirming story, but if that day and all it evokes stil upsets you, please don't read any further. Thank you.") (91)
  • The Better Man by Lorelei (The Hollow Man (Sebastian/Matt) ("Publisher's note: WARNING - WARNING - WARNING!!: This is a RAPE story!!! If stories of that kind upset you, please don't read any further. Thank you.") (100)
  • Riposte by Elizabeth Holden (The Queen of Swords, Helm/Montanya) (107)

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