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Name: Amanda Warrington
Type: fanwriter
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek (2009), Professionals The Eagle
URL: LJ, Amanda Warrington at the KS archive, at the Hatstand, at the Archive Of Our Own

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Amanda Warrington writes Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek (2009) and The Eagle slash. Amanda Warrington is a British fan writer who discovered slash in the form of K/S through a friend at the end of the '80s, attending her first slash convention, Closet Con in 1990. She had signed up a year in advance and by the time the con rolled around, she had just given birth. Determined not to miss out, she took her newborn with her, making her daughter of six weeks one of the youngest ever attendees of a slash convention.

The convention guest of honor was Kathy Resch who befriended Amanda and has since published a number of her stories in T'hy'la and also published her Professionals novella Soul Surrender when she explored the fandom for a brief period in the mid-90s.

Amanda was a regular attendee of the slash cons Escapade and Friscon, throughout the 90s, before dropping out of fandom for ten years.

Following a foot operation in 2008, forced inactivity caused her to spend a lot of time online, where she discovered the K/S Archive and ASCEML. Inspired, she got back into writing for the first time in a decade, submitting a story to T'hy'la #29 and two more stories to the K/S Advent Calendar. When Star Trek (2009) was released in May 2009, Amanda was further inspired to write and become heavily involved in reboot.

Together with Ashley she's co-ordinated the K/S Advent Calendars since 2009 and the K/S Valentine fests on Livejournal since 2010. In addition, with the generous help of a number of other dedicated fan writers and artists including Ashley, Verizonhorizon and Rhaegal, she set up a project to use Delicious to retrospectively bookmark all fanfiction, poetry, fanart, fanvids and fanmixes posted to the Kirk/Spock slash community on Livejournal since it started. The project stalled in 2011 following Yahoo's sale of Delicious due to serious technical problems with the new interface, but up to that time, almost 3100 individual entries were recorded. (Last accessed 6 November 2011.)

In 2009, she worked with Gayle F to publish a number of Gayle's K/S stories on the K/S Archive, and in 2010 she helped Killa bring Syn Ferguson's The Price and its sequel Courts of Honor to the net, with the launch of the novel in February 2011.

An active member of the Kirk/Spock community, Amanda continues to write mainly K/S, with occasional sojourns into reboot Kirk/McCoy and Spock/McCoy. In early 2011, following the release of The Eagle movie, Amanda also started writing Esca/Marcus slash in that fandom and in 2012 helped co-ordinate the Eagle RBB - a Reverse Bang.

Together with Rhaegal, Amanda co-chaired the 2011 KiScon convention in Los Angeles and the 2012 KiScon in the UK.

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