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Name: Verizonhorizon
Type: fanwriter, fan artist
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek XI, Star Trek XI RPS
Communities: Kirk/Spock on LJ ontd_startrek on LJ
URL: LJ, K/S Archive
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Verizonhorizon is an American fan of Star Trek K/S, primarily writing in the reboot fandom.

After starting to write in July 2009, Verizonhorizon, or Veri as she is known to her fandom friends, has gone on to become the most prolific writer [1] in Star Trek reboot K/S fandom although, since then, she has gone on to write TOS and Mirrorverse stories. The majority of her stories are under 10K words,[2] [3] although she has written more substantial pieces,[4][5] and uses a diverse range of writing styles[6][7][8]. Veri is also accomplished at photo manipulation and picspams[9] with clever and amusing captions, as well as creating fanvids [10]and fanmixes[11].

Notable Works

Art Examples


Veri is an active participant in the Livejournal kirkspock and ontd_startrek communities.

Veri worked alongside Amanda Warrington and Ashley on LJ's K/S comm's Delicious Project which retrospectively bookmarked all fanfiction, poetry, fanart, fanvids and fanmixes posted to it since its creation, and which remains an ongoing project.

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