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Name: Jennifer Lyon
Alias(es): JennyAnn
Type: fan author
Fandoms: X-Files, The Professionals, Babylon 5, Stargate SG-1 others
URL: JennyAnn's FanFiction
Author page with 52 works on Gossamer
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Jennifer Lyon is a fan writer in the X-Files, Professionals, and other fandoms.

notable Fan works


Lyon's Professional fic is here: The Professionals stories

Stargate SG-1


Together with Suzanne Bickerstaffe, she wrote The Magician Series, a set of X-Files stories that also received several Spooky Awards in the 1990s. See The Magician Series at X-Libries and is considered a Fandom classic.

Most of her works can be found at The Professionals Circuit, The Annex: X-Files Novel Archive and on her personal website JennyAnn's FanFiction.


Lyons' has also been published in fanzines:

Awards and Nominations

  • 1995 Spooky Awards:
    • Best Long Story, Most Unusual Story: & Best Fantasy Story - First Place: Magician: Book I, co-written with Suzanne Bickerstaffe
    • Best Action/Adventure Story - Second Place: Crossing the Line
    • Best Horror Story - Second Place: Dark Angel
    • Best Erotica - Second Place: Fire and Ice
  • 1996 Spooky Awards: Best Genre Story Magician Book III - Dark Queen, co-written with Suzanne Bickerstaffe
  • EMXC Awards
    • 1995: Best Horror - Dark Angel
    • 1995: Best Erotica - Fire and Ice
    • 1995: Most Unusual Story, Best Scifi Story, and Best Romance Story - Magician Book I
    • 1996: Best Fantasy Story - Magician Book III - Dark Queen
  • 2002 Stargate Fan Awards: Best Pre-Slash - Honorable mention for: In Our Own Backyard