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1995 Winners (see archived link for the categories, ratings, and story descriptions)

Best Original Villain:

Best Comedy/Parody:

Best Drama:

Best Mulder/Scully NC-17 Romance:

Best Non NC-17 Mulder/Scully Romance:

Best Non Mulder/Scully Romance:

  • First Place: "Dragons of All Kinds" is Part 27 of Dragon Series: Book 1 by Sheryl Martin
  • Second Place: ?

Best Platonic Mulder/Scully Relationship:

  • First Place: Coming Back by Karen Rasch
  • Second Place: Camping by Amperage & Livengoo

Most Carteresque:

Best Series:

  • First Place: "Dragons at the Gate" is Part 23 of Dragon Series: Book 1 by Sheryl Martin
  • Second Place: Spell by Kelli Rocherolle

Best Short Story:

Best Long Story:

Best Action/Adventure Story:

Best Crossover:

Best Horror Story:

  • First Place: Etched by Sean Smith
  • Second Place: Dark Angel by Jennifer Lyon

Best Sci-Fi Story:

Best Erotica:

  • First Place: Words II - Saying the Words by Karen Rasch
  • Second Place: Fire and Ice by Jennifer Lyon

Most Unusual Story:

  • First Place: Magician: Book I by Suzanne Bickerstaffe and Jennifer Lyon
  • Second Place: Round Files by Rodent (AKA: YouKneek):

Best Fantasy Story: