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Title: Corpse
Author(s): Livengoo
Date(s): 1995
Fandom: X-Files
External Links: online here (original?) and here (revised)

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Corpse is an X-Files story by Livengoo.

cover for the revised edition, artist is MustangSally

Second place winner of two 1995 Spooky Awards for Best Long Story and Best Original Villain. Winner of 1995 EMXC award for Most Carteresque.


"The UFO killer has come to town, and Mulder and Scully aren't far behind. Their search for the killer through the eyes of small city lawyer Emma Courtland. Story 'mentioned' in 'Entertainment Weekly'."

Reactions and Reviews


... long, detailed case story that makes excellent use of Mulder's fear of fire and of his background. Since it is an X-file, we also get Scully, a plus in almost any story. This is even longer than Oklahoma, but what are winter evenings for?[1]


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