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Carteresque is a term that X-Files fans used to describe fanfic that most resembled episodes or invoked the feeling of the show.

Both the EMXC Awards and the Spooky Awards had categories for the "Most Carteresque." It was described there as "something that CC would write." The earliest use of the term on appears to be in January 1996, and the latest in August 1999.

Early fans used the term in an almost universally positive way, and without irony in relation to the complicated opinions many had about the vision and quality of the show in later seasons.

Later use of the term by fans reflects a more critical view. A fan in 2017 used the description in their story notes: "Thanks for reading my very first attempt at fan fic, which I never planned to devolve into smut, adding more of a challenge. I'm not totally happy with it to be honest. I made the Carteresque mistake of trying to fit too much action into a limited amount of words, and to me it feels rushed and clumsy." [1]

See The Chris Carter Effect.

Examples of Use

  • "This R-rated story--which took me the entire summer to write--is meant as a paranoid fantasy of Carteresque proportions." [2]
  • "The *first* story I ever read was probably "Roadside Assistance." Holds up, I think--a good, Carteresque Mulder." [3]


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