Roadside Assistance

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Title: Roadside Assistance
Author(s): Polly Moller
Date(s): September 7, 1994
Length: posted in 5 parts (16, 34, 35, 53, 26k)
Fandom: X-Files
External Links: part one; part two; part three; part four; part five

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Roadside Assistance is an X-Files story by Polly Moller.

It was posted to on September 7, 1994, making it one of the earliest X-Files fics posted. See List of Very Early X-Files Fanfiction for similar works.

It was published later in To the Fullest X-Tent #1 in 1995.

The online version has this note: "Copyrighted all to heck by Polly Moller. Go ahead and print out copies with the copyright on them..."

Well, my little heart is beating very fast, 'cause this is my first posting here! This story will be in 5 parts, and it's already familiar to the ladies of the DDEB Dark Network list. However, there's no erotica involved. :)

This thang explores themes and characters created by the writers of the X-Files and Chris Carter...completely without permission, and very lovingly. Similarities to persons living or dead are completely intentional, but I don't think that hurts anything. :)

Oh, by the way, Steve? :) I couldn't fit you in anywhere, I'm sorry to say. :)

- Agent Mollder [1]

Author's Summary from the Online Version

"University lecturer Mari Stevenson comes to the rescue of Agent Fox Mulder, whom she finds stranded by the side of a highway in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Mulder soon discovers that his rescuer is involved in an X-file of her own, and can't resist offering help."

Summary from the Zine Version

Gen. "When Fox Mulder is aided by a good samaritan, he becomes involved in a mystery that unveils yet another facet of Deep Throat's secret agenda."

Reactions and Reviews

The *first* story I ever read was probably "Roadside Assistance." Holds up, I think--a good, Carteresque Mulder.[2]


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