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Title: Genius
Author(s): Kipler
Date(s): 1995
Length: 16058 words
Genre: MSR
Fandom: X-Files
External Links: online here, also on AO3

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Genius is an X-Files MSR story by Kipler.

It was originally posted to

It was the winner of a 1995 Spooky Award for Best Carteresque Story.

In 1996, the author commented on this story in an interview:
Well, Sarah in "Genius" was based on everyone's adolescent self. No one feels accepted or "normal" at that age, so that made it easy to imagine how a really abnormal child would feel. [1]

Reactions and Reviews

Written and originally posted in the summer of 1995. Posted to AO3 on the 20th anniversary! That’s kind of cool. “Genius” won the 1995 Second Place Spooky award for “Most Carteresque.” Kipler’s clear-sighted empathy for her characters informs and shapes every scene. There is no villain; in the end, there is just something new to understand, something quite miraculous. What elevates the story out of the MOTW category into something rarer is the ending, as we observe Scully begin to comprehend what drew Mulder to this case. [2]


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