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1999 Winners (see archived link for the categories, ratings, and story descriptions)

Outstanding Mulder Characterization

Outstanding Krycek Characterisation

Outstanding Original Character

Outstanding Other Series Characterization

Outstanding Scully Characterization

Outstanding Skinner Characterisation

Outstanding Vignette

Outstanding Humor Story

Outstanding Collaboration

Outstanding Post-Episode Story

  • First Place - But Ourselves - Marguerite
  • Second Place - Lucky Man - Meredith
  • Third Place - Five Years and One Night - Shalimar

Outstanding X-File

Outstanding Apocalypse/Post Colonization

Outstanding Crossover

Outstanding NC-17 MSR

Outstanding Non-NC-17 MSR

Outstanding Mulder/Sully UST

Outstanding Mulder/Other Romance

Outstanding Scully/Other Romance

Outstanding Skinner/Mulder Romance

Outstanding Krycek/Mulder Romance

Outstanding Skinner/Scully Romance

Outstanding Other Romance

Outstanding Series

  • First Place - Syadiloh - MustangSally and RivkaT
  • Second Place - Scent of a Woman - Terma99
  • Third Place - Tangible - Meredith & Blueswirl

Outstanding Short Story

Outstanding Mid-Length Story

  • First Place - Stakeout Through the Heart - Barbara D.
  • Second Place - But Ourselves - Marguerite
  • Third Place - Dividends - Suzanne Schramm

Outstanding Novel

Outstanding Work In Progress

Outstanding Author

  • First Place - Dasha K
  • Second Place - Terma99
  • Third Place - MD1016

Outstanding New Author

  • First Place - bugs
  • Second Place - Barbara D
  • Second Place - Louise Marin

Lifetime Achievement Award