World Without End

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Title: World Without End
Author(s): Rachel Anton
Date(s): 6 March 1999 - 10 June 2001
Fandom: The X-Files
External Links: Story on Skippertales, Story on RATales

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World Without End is a Post-Colonization Scully/Krycek fanfic in three books, posted between 6 March 1999 and 10 June 2001 to the RATales mailing list. The summary is: Where do you turn when everything you know is gone? It was very popular, with fans eagerly awaiting the next installment, and remains one of the most well-known Skipper fic.

Reactions and Reviews

I think this was begun as I entered fandom and I'm almost upset that it's finished. This is a post-col Scully/ Krycek romance story which never short-changes her relationship with Mulder and allows Alex to remain complex yet heroic in the way he overcomes his past. I particularly liked his interaction with the other survivors; the way that he is never quite one of them even as he keeps them alive. A quick warning: The characters inhabit a brutal and dark world and the writing reflects that. This will not take you to a happy place, unless your happy place is wallpapered with angst and there's blood on the carpets. Hell of a ride though.[1]

It's one of those great, epic fics. And it's the apocalypse. AND it's got all three of my favorite characters battling changes and discovering new sides of themselves and each other. What more could you want?

In addition, this is a continuation (or rather the other is a precurser) to a fic I already recced, Pinned Butterflies.

I love this story because of the way the Krycek/Scully relationship evolves. It's not right away, Scully takes a long time to trust him. And we also get to see Krycek grow up a little and become the reluctant hero. And then suddenly, Mulder shows back up into the picture and doesn't that just throw a kink into the best laid plans?

Altogether it is an exciting and well done post-apocalyptic fic. Enjoy! [2]

scully/krycek, post-colonization, and sooo much more! rachel's the best at taking 1013's characterization of scully and krycek and somehow managing to get them together...only two chapters left in this saga and i am holding my breath for them...[3]


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