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You may be looking for Rat Tales (a Professionals zine) or Rat's Tales (a Doctor Who zine).

Mailing List
Name: RATales Mailing List
Date(s): Founded February 12 1999
Moderators/List Maintainers: Kelly Keil, Vanzetti and RhymePhile
Type: Mailing list
Fandom: The X-Files
Scope: Alex Krycek
URL: RATales Mailing List
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RATales is a mailing list devoted to the "posting, discussion, and recommendation of X-Files fanfic featuring the character of Alex Krycek."[1]

The list allows the posting of NC-17 fanfic, so members must be at least 17 years old to join. Het, slash and gen fanfic of all ratings are welcome. The most popular fic pairings are Mulder/Krycek, Scully/Krycek and Krycek/Marita. As of October 2008, there are 409 members of RATales, but the list is very low-volume.

The RATales Archive hosts fanfiction posted to the mailing list. It was started in March 1999 by Laura Blaurosen. The current archivist is Muridae.


The mailing list was founded on the 12th of February 1999 by Rachel Anton. It began on ONElist, which merged with eGroups in November 1999 and then became Yahoo! Groups when eGroups was bought out by Yahoo in August 2000.

RATales used to have a weekly live chat on IRC called RATchat; the first one was held on Tuesday 17 March 1999.[2] Tuesday is also the traditional day for giving feedback on stories posted to the list. A European RATchat was held on Thursdays.

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