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Pairing: Dana Scully/Alex Krycek
Alternative name(s): Skipperfic, S/Sk
Gender category: het
Fandom: The X-Files
Canonical?: no
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Scully/Krycek is a non-canonical, het fan fiction pairing in The X-Files fandom. The character of Krycek was introduced in 1994 for a story arc that was set up to explain the short disappearance of Dana Scully, since Scully actress Gillian Anderson became pregnant in the same year and had to miss one episode in order to give birth to her daughter.

The two characters meet the first time in the episode Sleepless in October 1994 where Scully learns that after the X-Files division has been shot down and she and Mulder were reassigned, Krycek became Mulder's new partner.

On October 14, 1996, "Lost", the first Scully/Krycek romance fanfic, was posted to ATXC.

In November 1996, Krycek and Scully had their first substantial scene together in the episode Tunguska.[1]

On the show, Scully and Krycek rarely interacted with each other, the only exception being the first part of the two-part season 8 finale where Mulder entrusts Krycek Scully's life and safety (and that of her unborn son).

Fans of the pairing may call themselves "Skipper" from Scully/Krycek + shipper.

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