Skipper Tales

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Name: Skipper Tales
Date(s): 3 December 2003 - present
Archivist: Rainey
Founder: Rainey
Type: Scully/Krycek fanfiction (het)
Fandom: X-files
URL: Skipper Tales
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Skipper Tales is a fanfiction archive for stories featuring Scully and Krycek from the X-Files, Skipper being the term for that pairing. Rainey founded it on 3 December 2003:[1]

Why? Because fics in some subgenre are hard to find. Krycek slash fics are easy to find. You can find MSR fics in your sleep. Skipper fics? Not so easy to find. It's possible that I just don't know where to look but I did have skipper links in my favorites folder. Most of the them are now 404 error files. The one archive that's still online on my favorites list is wonky. The I last time had issues with the archive I realized that I wouldn't be able to get my fix should that last archive go away. So I figured a skipper archive is in order.[2]

Skipper Tales is now "the only online Skipper archive as the Skipper Fanfic archive got yanked by geocities for inactivity" by 2004.[3]


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