Wind River

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Title: Wind River
Author(s): Cathleen Faye
Date(s): 2004 or before
Length: 347kb
Genre: slash
Fandom: X-Files
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Wind River is an X-Files Mulder/OMC story by Cathleen Faye.


"And Mulder kissed him the way that Tristan had somehow known he was capable of. No hesitancy, no uncertainty, no doubt. He held Tristan's face in his hand as his tongue slid into his mouth. He nuzzled his lips against Tristan's, brushing, pressing, and delving. Mulder acted like a man starved for this kind of tender touch and even as Tristan responded he wondered how long it had been since anyone had actually kissed this man. It was a terrible thing if it had been too long because Mulder obviously knew the value of a kiss. You could jerk off eighty different ways. Orgasms can be easily had all by yourself.

But a kiss--a real kiss--needs another human being. There was simply no substitute."

Reactions and Reviews


I think what I appreciate most about this fic (aside from the lovely Mulderdescriptions and the hot smut) is the attention paid to the Mulder/Scully dynamic. This is definitely a Mulder/Other romance, but the author does not ignore Scully. She's a presence and a person in this story. And I wouldn't mind seeing Tristan in a sequel, either.... [1]


This is the story that turned me to the slash side when I was just an innocent X -Filer who thought "slash" meant some sort of knife-slashing excessive violence or horror. This story isn't perfect - there's a inconsistent POV that is annoying - but it's an interesting, plot-heavy story with realistic original characters. Mulder's discovery that he's not quite as straight as he thought he was makes a wonderful sub-plot for slashers - and I think it's done quite well for an author who is predominantly a writer of Mulder/Scully ship. [2]


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