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Name: Marguerite
Alias(es): Marguerite1, Sister Jezebel
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: The X-Files, The West Wing, Farscape, Sports Night, X-Men Movieverse, Doctor Who, and House, M.D.
Communities: Chronicle X, OBSSE
URL: Marguerite1 at FanFiction.Net
Marguerite at WRFA
The Edge of Common Sense: Marguerite's X-Files Page at Geocities & (Wayback Machine archived links)
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Marguerite is a multifandom fan writer.

In 1999 or 2000, Marguerite was interviewed by the Chronicle X archive. See Chronicle X Interview with Marguerite.

Her first piece of fanfiction was "When the Bough Broke". She wrote of its inspiration:

"Emily." Of all the non-resolved endings, THAT was the one to push me over the edge. No way was that scene going to be enough for me, so I wrote "When the Bough Broke" and eventually got up enough courage to post to the newsgroup.

The first person to send feedback was CiCi Lean, who was glad to see that my Bill Scully was, as she put it, "non-demonized and human." From that moment on, I was hooked.[1]

Fan Comments

Our first author this month is one of our own. She goes by Sister Jezebel around the Abbey and being an OBSSE Sister you know she's going to write a strong Scully. Still, with a name like Sister Jezebel, is it any wonder that the first piece of hers I recall reading was an answer to a fanfic challenge about vibrators? Her answer: "Batteries Not Included". All silly stuff aside, I strongly recommend her story "Changing Woman". I hadn't seen the subject of how Scully feels about putting that chip back in her neck with all its ramifications dealt with effectively and this tale rises to that challenge - a must read about struggle and faith. Also recommended for those of us who long to hear the conversations that Scully and Mulder so need to have - on camera for once - "PAX", because chances are you aren't going to see them on the show. [2]

Notable fanworks


  • 1998 Spooky Awards:
    • Outstanding Characterization of a Reccuring TV Character - First Place: Worth her Weight
    • Outstanding Vignette: Second Place - The Shadow of His Wings
    • Outstanding Mulder/Scully Friendship: First Place - Worth Her Weight
    • Outstanding Platonic Mulder/Scully Romance: First Place - The Shadow of His Wings (tie with Theory and Practice by Nascent)
    • Outstanding Movie Fic - First Place - Worth her Weight
  • 1999 Spooky Award
    • Outstanding Mulder Characterization: Second Place - But Ourselves
    • Outstanding Post-Episode Story: First Place - But Ourselves
    • Outstanding Mid-Length Story: Second Place - But Ourselves
  • 2000 Spooky Awards:
    • Outstanding Short Story, Vignette or Poem: Second Place - Nobody's Son
    • Outstanding Post-episode Story: Third Place- Nobody's Son
    • Outstanding Skinner Characterization: First Place- Whom My Soul Loveth (tie with Abject - PD) and Second Place - The Measure of My Days
    • Outstanding Scully/Other Story: Second Place - Remotely Controlled (tie with A Dream of Thaw - M. Sebasky)


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