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Name: Chronicle X, ChronX
Owner/Maintainer: Kris Minkle and Shari Long
Dates: 1998 - 2001
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: (Wayback link)
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Chronicle X was a popular X-Files website, now defunct, that offered a well-organized archive of recommended fanfic as well as an extensive collection of links to authors' pages, specialty archives, and current WIPs. It hosted Lost and Found, a message board for readers looking for a particular story or genre, and maintained a selection of essays and how-to guides geared towards new fanfic writers. The site was well known for its twice monthly Spotlight On interviews with fic writers, and it also had a monthly feature called Can We Talk? where Shari and Kris discussed a novel-length story.

The site was launched September 7, 1998 and after two years of faithful service was shut down on January 6, 2001. After the main archive closed, Chronicle X Lite, now closed itself, was created to host the vast collection of links and the message board for Lost and Found. At the same time, on a separate site, Fialka archived the forty-six extant author interviews, which are still available today.

A Very Early Intro

From late 1998 or early 1999:

Welcome to Chronicle X: A new style of fanfiction archive

The idea behind Chronicle X is simple. Considering the size and breadth of the fanfiction community, it's terribly daunting to get started, and even more difficult to keep track of all the pages of authors. However, Chronicle X is striving to ease the undertaking by constructing a site that will not only serve as a "jumping off" point for those new to the wild and woolly world of X-Files Fanfiction, but that also offers a small archive of our favorite stories and links to authors' pages and specialty archives. We at Chronicle X hope to provide for readers something of a road map with which to navigate the fanfiction community.

The Chronicle X archive contains a little something of each genre, but most importantly this site is by no means all-inclusive and the stories found herein are the express favorites of the archivists. There is limited space and there's not room for everyone, nor is there room for all the stories of each author archived here. We have chosen our favorite fanfictions and we are presenting them to you, here. However, if you don't find what you're looking for, we'll be sure to point you in the correct direction via our Personals (links to authors' pages) and our Classifieds (links to specialty archives).

Also- there are no stories here that are longer than 200K. For novel-length stories, we suggest you try The Annex or any number of specialty archives linked in the Classifieds. [1]

Its Closing

Fan comments regarding the site's closure:


I don't know how many of you have tried to head to your favorite bookmarked space, Chronicle X, in the last few days and realized that it, like so many of our favorite XF sites, has been shut down. Yes, as you can read in another thread here, Shari has donated her vast list of archives and author's pages to a new destination, the url which escapes me. I'm grateful for that new archivist, who brings with her enthusiasm and dedication to her new endeavor. But, as an "oldbie, " I have to say I'm terribly depressed. I remember when Shari launched Chron X and I applauded her and Kris for their dedication to our passion. They updated regularly, had those oh-so-cool author interviews, and kept us apprised of the WIPs we all liked to live and die by. Shari and Kris also had that cool feature where they would discuss fic in different colored text! <g> Who could forget that discussion of Iolokus? heehee

As one who has let her devotion to the community wane, I am in no position to point fingers. As one who still uses ChronX daily for her dose of fic, I can complain. I will miss these ladies. I will miss their views and reviews of fanfic (since Shari and I became friends over similar stories <g>) and I will miss their devotion to our hobby.

I just wanted to publicly thank these ladies for helping make the past few years a little easier for all of us. It's truly the end of an era and I appreciate everything you've done! I know you will always be out there in the dark with me helping me find the latest and greatest nosebleed fic....has everyone been reading Isometry? <g> [2]

[Jo]: Chiming in late here, but let me add a big "me, too!" to Lisa's thank you. ChronX remained one of my most-visited XF sites from the time it was established to the time it closed. I'll miss it. ::sniff:: [3]

Fan Comments

Pure fun This is one of the best archives on the web, with killer recommendations, some great resources (links to all the specialty archives and a "Lost and Found" section) and interviews with authors "old" and "new." Plus, it's run by two great ladies I'm privileged to call my friends -- Shari and Kris. Stop by, say hi, send them feedback. Being an archivist is hard work and you can never get too much credit for it! [4]

Spotlight On

Authors invited to take part in a Spotlight On interview were sent a series of standard questions and encouraged to answer as many as they felt comfortable with. The following authors have their interviews archived at Fialka's site[5]:

The first interview was posted in early October 1998:

A new feature that we're especially excited about -- Spotlight On. Every three weeks, Spotlight On will feature an interview with a fanfic writer. We hope to interview both long-time writers and relatively new ones, writers of case files and of MSRs. Our first interview is with Nascent - author of several long case file fanfics. So come by and read the new stories and check out what Nascent has to say about fanfic. She's a fascinating person, so I know you won't want to miss this interview. [6]

Can We Talk?

"Can We Talk?" was a section at "Chronicle X's" site.

Welcome to Can We Talk?... our version of Siskel and Ebert, without the thumbs down, and well...both of us are still alive and kicking. Once a month, Kristina and I will be discussing a novel length story not found at Chronicle X, in the hopes of promoting stories we aren't able to archive due to length. We want our enthusiasm for fanfic to be catching, so dive in and discover the wonder of novel-length fanfic. [8]

The stories discussed:

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