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Name: Jill Selby
Fandoms: X-Files
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Jill Selby is an X-Files fanfic writer. She was a co-founder of Scullyfic.


See Chronicle X Interview with Jill Selby, conducted in 1999 or 2000.

Fan Comments


I knew that I liked Jill Selby when, in her very first story, "Mediocrity's Allure" she had Mulder tripping over an uneven floor, hurting himself, and basically taking him out of the investigation, leaving Action!Scully to the rescue. Jill is a brand new X-Files author, only having been posting stories for a few months now, and already, she is one of my absolute favorites. Her second piece, "Rags" reads like one of the very best monster -of- the-week episodes and sticks faithfully to the character we know, even when there are easier ways out. I guarantee you'll love it. Her two shorter pieces, "Poised For a Fall" and one sure to be a Rogue favorite, "Aspirations of Closure" take us inside Scully's head in an introspective and delightfully frustrated fashion respectively. Trust me, after you read Jill's stories, you'll be eagerly awaiting her next piece. Jill's work is on Gossamer as well as the X-Clusive site. [1]


Jill is someone I could cheerfully strangle in a jealous rage if I didn't just adore her so much. <g> (Just kidding, Jill, don't be afraid. Remember, "DeathMaiden" is just a nickname .) Her Scully is the best on the Web, and she's one of the few authors who can make me truly care about an original character. Her plots make you want to call Chris Carter and tell him he's missing the boat in a BIG way. So go, treat yourself. [2]

The Work of Jill Selby/Jill Selby XF Fanfic (http://members.sockets.net/~msselby/) - I've always found Selby very interesting, as in she's a lovely, decent, self-effacing person, as well as being a -truly- talented writer, two traits that rarely, if ever, coincide in the same human being. Her work is some of the finest in XFFanfic, and yet, she is often taken for granted, as if free XF-novels of professional quality are -supposed- to drop in from the sky as a matter of course. Her work is true to Carter, but it's also filled with the high-end emotion and angst we crave from fanfic. She also is the undisputed Queen of Canon Scully Characterization, which is no mean feat in itself. Normally, I'd slap her silly with my Spiked Gloves of Insane Jealousy, but she's so darned nice (and her work is so damned good), that I really don't have the heart.

So, let me take the plunge here, and recommend ALL her fics (she's DISGUSTINGLY consistent), which include "Rags," "Mediocrity's Allure," "A Makeshift Kiss," "Ever After," "Mr. Efficiency," and "Aspirations of Closure," just to name a few. Her WIP, "Paper Saints" is certainly worth the gander, but it ain't done yet, so don't yell at me.

Oh, and if you've enjoyed her work, send her a letter for cripe's sake. Just do it. Before some other fandom gets a hold of her. [3]
It is no secret that Jill is one of my absolute favorite fanfic authors. There are few out there that capture Scully as magnificently as she does. She's got a few new pieces out that, if you've been living under a rock and haven't read yet, you should check out now. There's a beautiful little movie piece that is written from (GASP!) a Mulder point of view called, "A Makeshift Kiss". She's also completed a unique X-file called, "Ever After" that takes time travel and perception and adds that wonderful Selby touch. Check out Jill's webpage for all her stuff. [4]


My very first Fanfic recommendation column was in the September 1997 newsletter. (Autumn pauses to realize she's been doing this newsletter a hell of a long time). The very first fanfic author I recommended at that time was a new gal on the scene known as Jill Selby. I thought she was great then, and I still do now. Over the years Jill has written a few pieces just for me, and that I will always delight in. The good news is Ms. Selby's fanfic writing has opened up other doors for her career-wise. The bad news is, it means she's leaving fanfic writing behind for professional pursuits. So, let me recommend her work one last time as one who always got Scully right. She recently finished her final story Paper Saints, so take some time to enjoy it, or any of the rest of her fine work. Good luck Jill, and thank you. [5]

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