A Makeshift Kiss

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Title: A Makeshift Kiss
Author(s): Jill Selby
Date(s): July 1998
Genre: MSR
Fandom: X-Files
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A Makeshift Kiss is an MSR fic by Jill Selby.

Reactions and Reviews

If a more perfect MovieFic story exists, I'd love to have someone show it to me. 'Course, I still won't believe it. This story is short, but packs a big punch. I don't think I've read a sweeter, more infinitely tender story. Makes me tear up every time I read it. It has exquisite writing with wonderful metaphors and imagery and characterization so true I could hear and see the story unfolding before me. In fact, I will see this story in my mind every single time I see the X-Files movie. It fills in a gap that just begged for a fanfic writer to plug. You will have missed a treat if you by-pass this one. And if you love it (and why you wouldn't is beyond my comprehension), drop Jill a note and say so. [1]


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