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Name: The Morley Awards, or Morleys
Date(s): 1997
Frequency: one time event
Associated Community: X-Files-Fanfic, FicTalk
Fandom: The X-Files
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The Morley Awards, or Morleys, were fan-run awards given to stories posted to the X-Files-Fanfic (XFF) mailing list. They were held once, in 1997, and the winners were announced on XFF's companion list FicTalk. On November 21, 1997, FicTalk held an awards ceremony that included acceptance speeches written by the winning authors.


Morleys were awarded in the following categories:

Best Romance/Other (non-MSR romance)

Best Angst

Best Crossover

Best Erotica

Best MSR

Best Original Character

Best Slash

Best Series

  • 1st Place: n/a
  • 2nd Place: Into Each Other Sinking I, II, & III, by Lydia Bower

Best Debut (author's first X-Files fic)

Best X-Files (an x-file-type case)

Best Mulder/Scully Platonic Relationship[1]

Best Poem/Song

Best Humour

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  1. ^ The Morley Awards site lists two first place winners for this category.