Cheapened Things

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Title: Cheapened Things
Author(s): MD1016
Date(s): 1999 or before
Length: 42K
Genre: het
Fandom: The X-Files
External Links: online here

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Cheapened Things is an X-Files story by MD1016.

Reactions and Reviews

Unknown Date

I think this is the first smutty fic I ever read. But it's so much more than smut. It's one of the most bitter, wonderful, intriguiging MSR's I've ever read. It's also short and to the point. Just read it. Oh, and can you say "mutual masturbation?" [1]
angst and msr and sex...this is depressing... [2]
I just like the fact that Scully is there to comfort Mulder when he needs it most... [3]


PHAT STATS: Congratulations to MD1016 on "Cheapened Things" becoming the "Titanic" of downloaded fics. Top of the heap for months now, with thousands of openings. Not that I'm counting, mind you. I'd be curious to see how many feedback letters she gets from all those downloads. My experience is one letter per 500, here's hoping she does better. [4]


I've reread this too many times to count. The angst is GREAT, the smut is GREAT. I still remember the first time I read it, tears came to my eyes because of the angst. LOVE IT. [5]
Cheapened Things by MD1016 is one of the rare erotic MSRs that left me begging for more. Chockful of angst, perfect characterization, and haunting lines. [6]


My classic recommendation is this incredible piece of writing from one of philedom's most talented authors. This was the first NC17 fanfic I ever read and frankly, it still reaches me with the same power now, as then. Masterful handling of the material, done so with gut-wrenching honesty, and M&S as only MD can write them. A true keeper. [7]


Why this must be read: Because it is filled with Mulder angst and how I love it when Mulder is sad. Plus, some hot, hot sex is always good.

The plot of the story is that while on a case, Scully is awakened from sleep to the sound of Mulder screaming -- he's having a nightmare. As she goes to comfort him, things get a little tense and they kiss. Nothing else happens, but they realize their relationship has changed forever.

They try to keep away from each other -- and fail. However, because of all of Mulder's issues and insecurities the road to love isn't smooth. [8]


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