The Actor

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Title: The Actor
Author(s): A.I. Irving
Date(s): 1997 or before
Genre: ?
Fandom: X-Files
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The Actor is an X-Files sort of RPF crossed with Patrick Stewart. It is by A.I. Irving.

Reactions and Reviews

I was only moderately into XF, around 1997-98, when I came across some fanfic sites on the Web. I found Gossamer soon after, and started with the A's. The first story I remember was The Actor, by A.I. Irving. I was astounded that someone would write a story about Scully's relationship with a Patrick Stewart look-alike (a very sexual one at that--I had no idea people would even bother to write that way about TV characters, but boy did I like it!), and then leave a romantic resolution with Mulder still up in the air. [1]


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