UUFFAA (Unofficial USENET Fan-Fic Achievement Awards)

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Name: UUFFAA (Unofficial USENET Fan-Fic Achievement Awards)
Date(s): July 1st, 1995
Frequency: one time event
Associated Community: alt.comics.fan-fiction, rec.arts.sf.tv.quantum-leap, rec.arts.comic.creative, alt.startrek.creative, alt.sex.fetish.startrek, alt.horror.creative, alt.drwho.creative, alt.tv.quantum-leap.creative, alt.tv.x-files.creative
Fandom: Multifandom (X-Files, Star Trek, Quantum Leap, Doctor Who)
URL: achived copy of awards
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The UUFFAA (Unofficial USENET Fan-Fic Achievement Awards) were a fan run Multifandom Fan fiction award in 1995 which were voted on once a year by usenet members. They were held only once.[1] The were initiated by Peter James Gallacher. Results had been posted by July 1st, 1995.


The rules (if you want to call them that) are simple.

  • 1) Fill out any or all of the form bellow and email it to

p...@inforamp.net with the above subject line or just UUFFAA.

  • 2) Only one ballot per person. (i'm trusting you)
  • 3) For this first installment, only stories posted before April 30th,1995 will be eligible.
  • 4) Cutoff date is June 25th, 1995.
  • 5) I'll compile the votes and post the results by July 1st, 1995

(you'll just have to trust me, i've submitted no fan-fiction as of yet and will not vote myself).



CATEGORY 1, General (all groups)

  • 1) Best single story (from any and all newsgroups):
  • 2) Best writer (multipe stories from any and all newsgroups):

CATEGORY 2, Comics

rec.arts.comic.creative, alt.comic.fan-fiction

  • 1) Best Legion of Net-Heroes Story:
  • 2) Best Suicide Squad Story:
  • 3) Best Marvel Comic (non- X-Men) Story:
  • 4) Best X-Men Story:
  • 5) Best DC Comic Story:
  • 6) Best Misc. Superhero Story:
  • 7) Best Misc. Non-Superhero Comic Story:
  • 8) Best Original Superhero (non-LNH) Story:
  • 9) Best Erotic Comic Story:
  • 10) Best Marvel/DC Crossover Comic Story:
  • 11) Best Misc./Misc. Crossover Comic Story:

CATEGORY 3, Star Trek

alt.startrek.creative, alt.sex.fetish.startrek

  • 1) Best Original Series Story:
  • 2) Best Next Generation Story:
  • 3) Best DS9 Story:
  • 4) Best Voyager Story:
  • 5) Best Pre-Original Series Story:
  • 6) Best Story Set In-Between Original Series and Next Generation:
  • 7) Best Post-Next Generation Story:
  • 8) Best Original Series/Next Generation Crossover Story:
  • 9) Best Next Generation/DS9 Crossover Story:
  • 10) Best Erotic Original Series Story:
  • 11) Best Erotic Next Generation Story:
  • 12) Best Erotic DS9 Story:
  • 13) Best Erotic Voyager Story:
  • 14) Best Erotic Star Trek Crossover Story:
  • 15) Best Star Trek/Star Wars Crossover Story:
  • 16) Best Star Trek/Misc. Crossover Story:
  • 17) Best Klingon Story:
  • 18) Best Romulan Story:
  • 19) Best Story with Original Characters in the Star Trek Universe:
  • 20) Best Misc. (anything not covered above) Star Trek Story:

CATEGORY 4, All Others

alt.horror.creative, alt.drwho.creative, alt.tv.quantum-leap.creative, alt.tv.x-files.creative

  • 1) Best Horror Story:
  • 2) Best Dr. Who Story:
  • 3) Best Dr.Who/Misc. Crossover Story:
  • 4) Best Quantum Leap Story:
  • 5) Best Quantum Leap/Misc. Crossover Story:
  • 6) Best X-Files Story:
  • 7) Best X-Files/Misc. Crossover Story:
  • 8) Best Erotic X-Files Story:
  • 9) Best Misc. (anything not covered above) Fan-Fic Story:
  • 10) Best Erotic Misc. Fan-Fic Story:


CATEGORY 4, All Others

Runner Up for Best Short Story

Best Erotic X-Files Story

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