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Title: Gemma
Author(s): Kellie Matthews-Simmons
Date(s): May 1994
Length: originally posted in 6 parts, total (112K)
Genre: Erotica. NC-17
Fandom: X-Files
External Links: online here

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Gemma is an explicit Mulder/Other X-Files story by Kellie Matthews-Simmons. The author describes it as "An X-Files Erotica."

It was posted to in May 1994, and was one of the first stories posted there. See List of Very Early X-Files Fanfiction for similar works.

Gemma was one of two winners of an "UUFFAA" (Unofficial USENET Fan-Fic Achievement Awards). The other winner was Ancient Dreams, which was a companion piece and written shortly after "Gemma." [1]

The introduction to Machine of Intention mentions this story: "Note: Timeline wise, this story occurs after "Gemma" (1 and 2) and before "Sam-I-Am" and the soon to be uploaded "The Fire Eternal". All other stories occur in an alternate time-line in the multiverse."

A Parody, Plus Some Fan Commentary

That same year, a fan wrote a story which parodied "Gemma"; see the reactions to this fanwork at The Sex-Files.

Read "Gemma"

Part one is online here.
Full story is here.


"Mulder/Other romance. Mulder does some investigating while Scully is on vacation, and finds something other than psychic serial killers and little gray men. For once he doesn't get hit, insulted, or thrown in jail. No MIB are present. The woman he ends up with is a "finder" who attempts to help him locate a kidnapped child."

Author's Header and Warnings


The story you are about to read contains SEX, written in loving detail. If that bothers you, either do NOT read this story, or get someone who doesn't mind erotica to black out all the juicy parts for you before you read it. If you're underage, get your parent's permission to read it.

Don't flame me if you're silly enough to go ahead and read it after I warned you, and then get offended by it. --kms

This is the first of the 6 files which comprise this story. Let me make a couple of disclaimers. First, this story is, of course, NOT in any way shape or form approved by Fox Television. It simply expresses my appreciation for a quality product. Second, it *is* set in my neck of the woods, but that doesn't mean that Gemma is me, any more than any of my other characters are me. Third; The story is not particularly X-otic, just a touch of psychic ability on Gemma's part. Since I was writing it primarily as an erotica, I was mostly interested in getting them in the sack! :-)

Originally the story ended with part two, but after numerous requests for "more!" I wrote a continuation so there are now 6 parts total.

This story is copyrighted by the author, 1994. Permission to distribute freely is given, provided you do not attempt to sell it. X-Files is a trademark of Fox Television, characters not used by permission.

Kellie Matthews-Simmons [partial email address redacted]

Member: SFLA&EBS, PSEB, DDEB, X-phile

"Sometimes the need to mess with their heads outweighs the millstone of humiliation." --Fox Mulder, X-Files "Squeeze"

Reactions and Reviews


...what does it say about us that we can all remember the titles of these stories we read what seems like ages ago? The first X-Files fanfic I read was "Gemma", and I've read it several times since. It probably inspired my own small x-fiction output; it certainly revived my interest in fan writing after a several-years' hiatus! [2]
And she got me to reading fanfic with her story "Gemma". I didn't even have an email account at that time, but a friend at work who knew I liked the X-Files downloaded it for me and gave it to me. I read it, swooned a couple of times, and then went to work the next day and HOUNDED our sysadmin to give me an email account. My very first post EVER in email was to Kellie. :) The first story I *wrote* was "Suuare", which was a Red Shoes Diaries fanfic, but I didn't post it here, of course. The first story I posted to a.t.x.c. was "Angel", I believe.[3]


Kellie Matthews-Simmons' "Gemma" not only got me interested in fan fic, it was directly responsible for a) getting me online, since I *had* to have internet access to write to her, and b) jump-starting my own sputtering commitment to writing.[4]


Don't remember which one was the very first [fanfic I ever read], but "Gemma" was one of the first and it still is one of the very few Mulder/other stories I like.[5]
"Gemma" was my first [fanfic I read], having stumbled across it on one of the DDEB websites my first time out looking for X-Files stuff... and I was hooked from the word "go". It wasn't but a couple of days before I found my first MSR... and since then, there's been no looking back. :) [6]


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