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Pairing: Mulder/Other
Alternative name(s): M/O, M/o
Gender category: slash, het
Fandom: The X-Files
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: medium
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Mulder/Other is a X-Files fan fiction genre which is usually used for stories that pair Mulder with somebody else then Scully (see Mulder/Scully), Krycek (see Mulder/Krycek), Skinner (see Mulder/Skinner).

The pairing can either be slash or any other het pairing that isn't Scully, including Reyes or Diana Fowley. Often used in pre-XF stories and/or with an Original Character.

Examples of Use

Original characters (M/o & K/o) or brief mentions of other past pairings (M/Sk, K/Sk) are allowed as long as the main focus of the fic is M/K and Mulder & Krycek end up together by the end of the story. [1]



notable Fan Fiction


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