Friends or Foes

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Mailing List
Name: Friends or Foes (FriendsorFoes, Friends or Foes Mulder/Krycek slashfic)
Date(s): Oct 28, 2001- (active between 2001-2002)
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: archive link
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Friends or Foes was an X-Files mailing list.

An adults only list for discussion and posting of fanfic devoted purely to the MulderKrycek pairing. Original characters (M/o & K/o) or brief mentions of other past pairings (M/Sk, K/Sk) are allowed as long as the main focus of the fic is M/K and Mulder & Krycek end up together by the end of the story.

No pairings involving other NL characters are allowed.

The wonderful pic is by Mrs Fish.