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Name: Monica Reyes
Occupation: FBI agent working on the X-files
Fandom: The X-Files
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Monica Reyes joined the cast of The X-Files in season 8 for four episodes and was present in all episodes of season 9.

Fan Reception

Fandom reactions to this new character were mixed, but overall better than towards the addition of Agent John Doggett in season eight. A derogatory names for the character used by phile in message boards and Fannish communities has been Moronica, because of the new-ageish nature of the character.


Both Monica Reyes and John Doggett were not accepted by quite a few of the early fans. However, there still were quite a few fanfics written using these characters, especially Doggett/Reyes romance (abbreveated as DRR) stories, which was fueled by the hints at the characters' past history. Reyes was also frequently paired with Dana Scully.

Fan Videos

There a seems quite a lot vidders on Youtube that create videos about the Reyes/Scully friendshop or relationship - in fact more than that that feature Doggett/Reyes.

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