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Name: John Doggett
Occupation: FBI Special Agent
Relationships: Doggett/Barbara, Doggett/Scully, and Doggett/Reyes
Fandom: The X-Files
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John Doggett is a main character on the FOX television show The X-Files. His partners are Dana Scully (season 8) and Monica Reyes (season 9). The character was introduced after David Duchovny left the show.

from The Celestial Toybox #18 (2002), the artist is Jesse S. McClain

Short Canon Description

"Agent John Doggett joined the FBI from the New York City Police Department, where he served as a Detective in the Fugitive Division's Warrant section. Approaching all of his investigations like a doubting cop, he believes that everything can be explained with standard police techniques. So it is no surprise that after only five years at the Bureau, he is assigned by Deputy Director Kersh to run the task force looking for Mulder. Although he may be set up to fail, Doggett has resigned himself to solve the case.

Masters and doctoral degrees in Public Administration from Syracuse University prove Doggett's willingness to conform to the government's blueprint. He is the consummate insider on the fast track to success. Previous to his police work, Doggett held the rank of Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps' Amphibious Unit and played a role in the Multi-National Peacekeeping Force for Lebanon Development. With six years in the military, he retired with commendations after being wounded in the line of duty." [1]


Pairings include Doggett/Scully, Doggett/Barbara and Doggett/Reyes in het.

Doggett-centric Fanworks


Some Examples of Doggett/Scully Fic




Fandom Conflict

Brought in in later seasons of the show to replace Fox Mulder, the character of Doggett was a flashpoint of contention among many fans.

Some Pro-Doggett Icons

A fan remarked on Doggett in 2017:

you know, we’ve been thinking about doggett all wrong. the role of doggett in season 8 is not to be the skeptic. it’s to be the innocent. his role is to throw the moral ambiguity of these characters into relief. “agent doggett is beyond reproach.”

An Anti-Dogget Poem

Laurie Haynes, a BNF fan who despised this character wrote a poem in June 2001, shortly before she stepped down as one of the creators from the X-Files Virtual Season. It represents the tenor and intensity of her stance, made worse by her fannish influence:

Mulder's the stud, Doggie's the dud.
Mulder's a fox, Doggett's a dog.
"You can lead a horse to dogcrap, but
you can't make him eat it." [2]

Examples of Doggett Discourse



Discussions at


I am posting this to say that I will be boycotting Virtual Season 9. Not because of the authors, but because it's run by Laurie Haynes. She posted a hate-filled, vituperative rant over on ATXF, and it finally tripped my trigger. I have for the most part ignored her dislike of things season 8 when she has posted them. It is her right and privilege to be disappointed with season 8, that's not what I have a problem dealing with. Her recent posting was so ugly, and so not what I as a Mulder and DD fan feel, or want people to think of when they think of DD's fans, that I felt I had to show my displeasure in a public way. I hope that all of the authors will post their stories to ATXC once the two week buffer zone has passed, because I do enjoy reading your stories. I just refuse to add my "hit" to any site that

I know Laurie runs.

Thank you. [3]


If Stef, who is one of the nicest, most moderate, people you'll ever hope to know, is fed up to here (gestures above head) with Laurie Haynes, you can take it to the bank that Laurie has really snapped, and gone way way way too far. It's been coming a long time.

I can confirm the existence of, but not the veracity of, a rumor that Laurie is campaigning to have sites of Doggett-friendly authors, lists, etc. closed down. I figured out long ago that as a writer, reader, fan and human I couldn't get far enough away from Laurie fast enough.

I'm VERY far from a perfect person and I've done my share of stupid shit. But this particular stupid shit I can do without. And I think we all can...

I'm not kidding.

Wars and rumors of wars.

Witchhunts, programs, and blacklists.

And yes, it's sad and pathetic.

Kim, who thinks of simple snarkwars as 'the good old days' now [4]

[ Kristel St. Johns ]:

All we know at this point is that people who are vocal about the deplorable, bigotted and unreasonable behavior of the rapid anti-Doggett faction, and people publically associated with those vocal folks (even if they personally are not involved with anything related to the issue) have been getting TOS'sed left and right (even websites they run which are non-XF related.) Someone tried to get the IWTB site and one of its administrator's personal websites TOS'sed while this same person SIMULTANEOUSLY attempted to subscribe to IWTB from the exact same address from which s/h/it sent the complaints to the webhost. These complaints and waves of TOS'sing seem to happen, not coincidentally I'm sure, after someone publically calls these psychotics on their latest round of atrocious bad behavior. My own TOS'sing happened after I publically opposed the destruction of the XFC list as it was known (and strangely, one of the defenders of the XFC change has repeatedly criticized me for my smut-fic) and last week, people got TOS'sed (and the aforementioned unsuccessful attack on IWTB and its admin happened) who were associated with people defending the rights of S8 authors on a popular message board. Luckily, the IWTB administrator pays for her

webspace and therefore was not TOS'sed. I was not so lucky, and as such, I now have a new website:

I would call these acts terrorism, but I don't want to make like of ACTUAL terrorism. But by its base definition, that's what this is. The anti-Doggett fanatics whine and bitch and spout their sour grapes and in general act like toddlers who didn't get their way and are thus determined to make sure EVERYONE knows how mad they are about it. They want to control all of fandom and fanfic and make sure it suits their own personal views how How Things Should Be. Anyone who doesn't support this is criticized and attacked publically. Some of us, who see them acting like kindergartners, call them on it, and in order to silence us, they, or their toadies and their multitude of socks, set out to attack us and those associated with us, in an attempt to either distract us by forcing us to defend our own interests and those of our compatriots, or keep us silent for fear of it happening again. People who are known to be vocal against these folks bad behavior (as those known to be associated with them, and by "known" I mean, did you even mention IWTB in the notes to a story posted on Ephemeral by which they can search for you) are being sent emails containing virile and flames.

Funny thing is, I'm not even a Doggett-friendly author. I hardly ever even mention him in my fic. I just opposed to sort of rabid bigotry these people preach and have done so publically. That was my only crime. So yeah, I can verify these rumor. The evidence, circumstantial as it is, is overwhelming. [5]

[Kristel St. Johns]:

I definitely find accusations of bullying to be highly amusing. Whoever heard of a bully standing up for the rights of others who are being persecuted? Let me see if I get this straight--

Anyone who believes that writers should be allowed to write what they wish to, about whom they wish to, without being blacklisted, harassed, censored, flamed and persecuted is a bully? And it is the moral and ethical obligation of those who feel writers should only be allowed to write certain things about certain people and who are willing to persecute...

1) those who won't conform to their views

2) those who stand up for those who won't conform to their views, and

3) those associated with those who stand up for those who won't conform flame, blacklist, email viruses, complain about websites to get them TOS'sed, and smear peoples' names through the mud in retaliation for all of this?

Oh, look...the Inquisition has hit XF cyber-space. "Believe what we believe, spout the rhetoric we want you to spout, and NEVER, EVER say anything that indicates you are less that 100% on our side or sympathetic to someone who is less than 100% on our side, or we'll burn your fanfic and website that you worked so hard on at the stake." And of course, like the Inquisition, they delude themselves into believing they're the Good Guys and doing all this in the name of Truth, Justice, the American Way, Candied Apples, Baby Seals, and everything that is Good and Right and Pure. Uh-huh.

The Anti-Doggett Pogrom, as you call it, regularly attempts to belittle, flame, and subjugate others to their particularly warped world-view. They can't handle the fact that XF hasn't gone the way THEY want it to go, so they are instead trying to force fandom and fanfic into their mold of what should be written and whom should be supported and what and whom shouldn't. And admittedly, it's been a while since I was in elementary school, but I seemed to remember most bullies picking on people out of prejudice and just plain mean-spiritedness. And isn't that what these people are doing?

It's funny how accusations tossed carelessly about have such an accurate way of coming home to roost, isn't it? [6]

[Amy Mahn]:

I really hate to say it, but this is sounding more and more like a political debate. I despise politics for just this reason...everyone thinks their point of view is right, and damn the opposition. But the side of right is never the side of persecution and hypocrisy. Didn't we learn anything from the mistakes our forefathers made? The "Do As I Say, Not As I Do" concept JUST DOESN'T CUT IT. Not to mention the fact that the last time I checked, there was a plague of rampant, widespread free speech on the web. *GASP!* When did fanfic-dom become a dictatorship?

Personally, I firmly believe that anyone should be able to write anything they want, anytime they want. (Notice, I said "I" believe...not we, not you, not us, but "I," because that's the only person I can speak for...are you taking notes, Doggett-haters?) The only people who REALLY have anything to say about it are the folks at 1013, CC, et al. And until they start shutting down sites and demanding that fanfic be removed from the web (a la Napster) I say damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.

Eventually, when people like Laurie Haynes and her cohorts finally alienate everyone in their circle with their vociferous hatred and prejudice, we'll see who's left...those who didn't rock the boat too hard in any one direction, just went about their business and let them slowly eliminate each other. You know, if you leave two pit bulls in a room together, they will fight to the death. Eventually, these hate-mongers will go at each other, when they've run out of unsuspecting authors to terrorize. Unfortunately, the rest of us have to put up with their dirty politics until that day. All I can say is, keep your chin up. They'll get theirs in the end. Call me a romantic at heart, but I believe that good will always triumph... It's just a matter of time.

Amy, who has strapped on her Amazon battle gear and taken up the torch for free speech in the fanfiction kingdom [7]


>*Laurie* feels persecuted. Guess she feels justified in whatever she's doing >since she's so 'persecuted' for her stance against Doggett.

Okay, so... just because she feels persecuted she has the right to try and persecute others? Since when did two wrongs make a right? The answer to my own question is simple: they don't.

Personally, I'm not on any of Laurie Haynes' lists or forums. I would NEVER join them because I don't like to be a part of something that discriminates unjustly. (And yes, I do thing the Anti-Doggett stance she and others take is an unjust thing.) However, I have heard a lot about her and her lists lately. None of it has been good. Between the banning of anything season from a list that used to be one of the best general lists in this whole fandom to the rumors that Laurie has persaonlly flamed and attacked Doggett/Season8 fans, I am not left with a positive impression of her.

And all I can say about the whole thing is that you reap what you sow; and from what I hear, Laurie has sowed some pretty hateful seeds. [8]


If people want to read about Doggett...let them. Just because I prefer not to do so does not make it wrong for other people, just wrong for me. Personally, I find the character boring but I assume not everyone does because if they did, this thread wouldn't exist.

I don't give a you know what about Doggett and never will. I won't watch season 9 because it no longer interests me. I don't read Doggett fic and delete it from my downloads. I discontinued my fan club membership because the magazine was becoming Doggett-centric and it wasn't my cup of tea and the Mulder/Scully-like poses of the photos made me want to blow chunks.

This doesn't mean, however, that other people might find season 9 and Doggett to their liking. If I don't like something on TV, movies, or written form, I don't watch it or read about it. [9]

[Dasha K]:

Oh, Lord. All of this nonsense is one of the reasons I don't really write any fic anymore. I've met some of the most generous, lovely, wonderful people in the world through this fandom, but damn there are some loonies out there. Dasha, shaking head and getting another beer... [10]


Ok people, all of this politcal BS is discouraging one of the greatest writers in Fandome! Can't we just let the politcal BS rest and just enjoy the writing of some wonderful writers!?! It's entertainment not real life. If you don't want to read a story, delete the damn thing and move on. [11]


And here I sit, writing my fingers to the nubs.

FOR WHAT, I ask?

I don't get roasted on the flaming fires of political righteousness.

I don't get called anything interesting, including "specious dreck-meister," "devolutionary scum-bucket," or "anti-(insert character name here) crap monger."

Nobody hurries to hide the women and children when I approach. I'm not formally censured anywhere. How callous and unfeeling can the fanfic community be?

My home has not been napalmed.

My site has not been TOS'ed.

I gotta tell you, I'm feeling a bit left out. Perhaps I need to adopt a POSITION (in capital letters); one that ULTIMATELY, ONCE-AND-FOR-ALL TIME demonstrates my incontrovertible self-centered righteousness on an issue of keen importance in the modern fan fiction world. Maybe it will get me on someone's shit isn't fair to direct all that lovely venon at the most popular boys and girls in the class, is it?


My god, I feel the tingle of Hell's fury crawling into my fingertips already. Who knows what wrathful forces might spring forth to censure me ad infinitum?

Gee, you know this feels pretty good. Maybe I'll take up the banner of indignant self-interest more often.

Excellent, dude. Trajan [12]

[ Kipler ]:

This may seem remarkably naive of me, but I NEVER read any of this anti-Doggett stuff and have never had any dealings with Laurie Haynes. Not that I'm saying this stuff doesn't exist, but I guess I'm confused why it's given such power. I spend a lot of time in here on ATXC, and it's easy for me to avoid contact with this brouhaha; the only time I hear about it is when someone hauls it in here for public viewing. I guess my question is, why do other people spend so much time dealing with someone they find so reprehensible? Petty, angry people only have power if we give it to them. These people don't look like dictators or censors to me - they look like a group of spiteful girls, whispering insults in the girls' room. Not worth a moment of my time. ::Shrug:: [13]

[Laurie Haynes]:

I don't give a damn what anyone does on their own website. I don't like people telling me what to my site and I sure am not gonna hassle anyone over what they do with their own. Most likely, someone's web server went down for awhile so they cried wolf....


Not all your problems in life and online are caused by one of the many people whom you have targeted for having an opinion -- (that Doggett is a piece of crap and the actor who plays him is a hack) -- that differs from your own. Get over it. [14]

[Kristel St. Johns]:

And that's why the ISP that hosts both the IWTB website and it's moderators website received an email complaining about them and trying to get them TOS'sed while SIMULTANEOUSLY the sender of that email attempted to subscribe to IWTB from the same address s/h/it sent the complaint from. That's why my site got TOS'sed within days of one of your socks (or maybe it was even a real person--who can tell anymore?) taking issue ONCE AGAIN with my fanfic, when you're the only person who has ever publically done so. That's why members of IWTB who haven't even been involved in the various garbage your sort enjoys stirring up have found not only their XF sites TOS'sed, but also their non-XF sites complained about.

That's why these waves of TOS'sing **only** seem to happen in the immediate aftermath of someone calling you, or your cronies, or one of your and your cronies' multitude of socks on their atrociously bad behavior. Coincidence? I think not.

[much snipped] [15]


My site was TOS'd once - all the smut stories. I suspected one person, but couldn't prove it - duh! So I moved/shut down that part of the page and got on with the rest of my life. Believe it or not, the ISP does have the right to dictate your content - even if you are paying for the space. And due to them playing it VERY safe for their consumers, most ISP's will flinch at any sexual stories whatsoever - even if they are seemingly innocent to our eyes; they still freak and will pull it. So it goes. Find another ISP if you're that desperate to display your stories outside of the main archive of Gossamer, and try again. Unfortunately, unless you're writing smut, it's unlikely that an ISP is going to toss you for just fanfic. If they are, then you've got bigger problems with your ISP and should just put up a goldfish page with pretty neutral tones.

Aside from Gossamer there is no single Archive site that "has" to archive your stories - and frankly, the argument over whether Gossamer should archive certain stories has already been hashed out before. Whoever owns the page, owns the archive and can pick and choose at their whim. Heck, some archivists don't even ASK for your permission to archive a story and just figure that you won't mind. Now there's a pain. If the archivist decides that she's only going to put up stories with Krycek and his hamster friend, then it's her choice. Period. Don't like it; start up your own page. Gawd knows there's enough free space and programs out there, unlike a decade ago when web space was expensive and web programming harder to figure out than the Mytharc.

Should people who write Doggett fic be shunned? Shrug - I don't know nor do I care. If I liked it, I'd read it. If I didn't, I wouldn't. If I start up an archive and say I'll only put up stories with CSM and his new guinea pig, that's my preference. You can't MAKE anyone like or dislike any of the seasons unless they give you the power to do so - and last I checked the internet wasn't THAT powerful. [16]


Laurie's attacks and other fanfic writers who have been vehement in the hatred for Season 8 and Doggett, etal, who I once highly respected, who encouraged me to help teenage writers and new writers, but themselves have become a blatant hater of all that is new on Files and subjetting many of us to their hate filled posts, have taken this road, and it's extremely disappointing. I've read it here at ATXC, I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If you don't like the show, don't watch it. Don't make the rest of us suffer with the bad behavior. [17]

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