The Anti @$$-Holes Task Force

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Mailing List
Name: The Anti @$$-Holes Task Force (AATF)
Date(s): May 1998-May 2000
Founder(s): elaine w
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: main page; WebCite
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The Anti @$$-Holes Task Force was an X-Files fan community, a mailing list focused on a mutual dislike of the characters John Doggett, Diana Fowley, Assistant Director Kersh, and Bill Scully, Jr.

"'Dedicated to the Hatred to these X-Files characters" - Est. May 1998'."


This wonderful Task Force was built after Season 5 Finale "The End". In which Agent Fowley was introduced. After viewing the episode, and discussing it with a few friends, Agent Folwey [sic] became a villian [sic] to us. Someone that threaten the Mulder and Scully realationship [sic]. This was the end of the line. When I read from the OBSSE mailing list, that everyone also agrees with me that Spender was a sorry SOB. It was time to unite everyone that hated these two to some sort of club.

Then it happened, I started to advertise the idea of the club around OBSSE, XFU, and around my friends on ICQ. People started to join, so a mailing list was started. The great vision, of all those who hated these two to talk about X-Files had begun. Some problems started some time after.

First, there was not a lot of pics of the two and after surfing for an hour, I had found them two. Next, the name was changed from Anti-Folwey [sic]/Spender or Anti-FS to the Anti @$$-Holes Task Force. This was done because Bill Jr. was now offically [sic] a memeber [sic]. Also, due to the name change, the webring had to be renamed which caused a bit of a problem to G-Woman who had voluteered [sic] her time to do this. After much hard work from everyone (since everyone had to think of an offical [sic] Keepers name) it was done. The Anti @$$-Holes were ready to rock.


Q: What is a keeper?

A: A keeper is someone that belongs to Anti @$$-Holes Task Force. They are keeping something sharp and dangerous so that if we met one of the three @$$-holes in life, we can hurt them. [1]

Some Links

  • Join the Conspiracy ("Joining the Anti @$$-holes Task Force: Hey there! Do you find that you hate Agent Fowley,Spender and Bill Scully Jr.? Do you want to beat them up? Where [sic] you jumping for joy when Agent Fowley was shot? Or when Mulder pushed Spender against the wall? Be Part of the Conspiracy!!! ... Do you hate Agent Fowley, Spender or Bil Jr or all of them? Why do you think Agent Fowley, Spender and/or Bill Jr. deserves to be hated or even killed?")
  • Some Members; WebCite ("Welcome to the Member's Page. All these people have this hatred for Agent Fowley, Spender, Bill Jr., AD Kersh etc... No special order, just randomly ...hehehe." -- 18 fans and their testimonials)

Fan Reactions

From the Website's Guestbook


My top worst a$$hole would have to be Bill Scully. He's such a jerk! Keep up the wonderful work.
I found irrefutable PROOF that Capt. Bill Scully Jr. IS Satan/a Morlock. He MUST die!!!!!!!!!! Spender, Fowley and Kersh ALL suck too!!!! Damn it, when are you gonna update this damn page?! Am getting bored and I wanna see Scully DIE! BILL Scully JUNIOR that is!!!


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