The Wasteland

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Title: The Wasteland
Author(s): prufrock's love
Date(s): 2000
Fandom(s): X-Files
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The Wasteland is an X-Files story by prufrock's love.

The author's heading includes: "Classification: Story, Angst, MSR, UST, RST,Mulder/Other, Mulder/Scully, Scully/Skinner, Character Death. Rating: Strong R"


  • A Moment's Surrender
  • An Age of Prudence
  • Each in his Prison
  • Against My Ruins
  • Epilogue


Summary: Told alternately from Mulder's, Scully's, and Skinner's perspective over the course of a decade, The Wasteland chronicles the repercussions of a single choice - a moment's surrender with another woman - that will test the bounds of Mulder and Scully's commitment to each other. What happens when a man gets almost exactly what he thought he always wanted? He has to learn to live with it forever.[1]

Reactions and Reviews

...the ultimate Angst fest, Mulder-Other fanfic is Prufrock's love's "Wasteland" series. That one gave me chest-pains.[2]


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