Angel (X-Files story)

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Title: Angel
Author(s): Sarah Stegall
Date(s): July 22, 1994 or before
Fandom: X-Files
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Angel is an X-Files story by Sarah Stegall.

It was posted to sometime before July 22, 1994, and was one of the first stories posted there. See List of Very Early X-Files Fanfiction for similar works.

Author's Summary

  • "(Post X-Files shutdown) Mulder and Scully investigate the possibility that an elderly witness to a hijacking may be a Civil War era time traveler; Mulder is approached by Deep Throat's "successor."
  • "A new informant makes herself known to Mulder when an old man is found on the side of the road by a truck jacking. However, evidence found on the man seems to indicate that he was alive during the Civil War."

Author's Notes

[Auld Lang Syne] If that's Kellie Matthews-Simmons' story, I liked it too! And she got me to reading fanfic with her story "Gemma". I didn't even have an email account at that time, but a friend at work who knew I liked the X-Files downloaded it for me and gave it to me. I read it, swooned a couple of times, and then went to work the next day and HOUNDED our sysadmin to give me an email account. My very first post EVER in email was to Kellie. :) The first story I *wrote* was "Suuare", which was a Red Shoes Diaries fanfic, but I didn't post it here, of course. The first story I posted to a.t.x.c. was "Angel" I believe.[1]


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