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Name: Viv Wiley
Alias(es): Viv Wiley, Mesa
Fandoms: X-Files
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Viv Wiley is an X-Files author who has written gen stories under several aliases and who has won several X-Files fan fiction Awards. The author stopped writing fan fiction in 1999.

Their works were part of The Eurisko Archive.

Notable fanworks

Fan comments

Viv Wiley ("This author, who has been writing wonderful stories for years under a number of names, recently decided to call it quits writing fanfic. It is truly our loss. Some of my favorites through the years include: "But Then Face to Face" a post Mind's Eye look at how Mulder & Scully see each other, "The Language of Leaving" a look at Scully's thoughts while encased in ice in the movie, and "Missing Voices" (co-authored with Joyce McKibben and Meredith) which is another answer to what could have happened after "Gethsemane". Writing as Mesa I particularly recommend "Undertow" if you are up for a little NC-17 piece with mood and insight.")
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