Missing Voices

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Title: Missing Voices
Author(s): Joyce McKibben, Meredith and Viv Wiley
Date(s): summer 1997
Length: 21,216 words
Genre: gen, X, A, UST, Classification: R
Fandom: The X-Files
External Links: Missing Voices on the Key of X archive

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Missing Voices is an X-Files story by Joyce McKibben, Meredith and Viv Wiley.

It was one of the stories commented on in the later-controversial post REVIEW: Fan Fic, Summer '97.

Reactions and Reviews

I always find myself searching out the best story of its kind; does anyone else do this? With the slew of post-Gethsemane fic, I struggled to find a story that completely satisfied my need to for a solid plot with unique hooks - the "defining" story that all others of its kind should be compared to.

The best post-Geth fic, and, really, the best fic to come out all Summer is "Missing Voices" by Joyce McKibben, Meredith and Viv Wiley. This is a triumph of plotting and writing by the three authors. The story is told through Scully, Mulder and Skinner's journals. Joyce takes Mulder, Meredith writes Scully, and Viv Wiley, Skinner.

If you are unfamiliar with the authors' works, let me point out that each one is writing her/his (?) strongest X-Files voice. It makes for a strong story with interesting details and all-around great writing. They come up with a plot that would work perfectly as the season 5 opener. It answers the pertinent questions, but still leaves plenty unanswered to explore for the rest of the "season." Completely satisfying.

I'm not giving many details about the plot because I don't want to give readers any excuses for passing up this story based on misconceptions from this review. It is both Shipper- and NoRoMo-safe. It is not full of extreme angst. This story will get all my votes in the upcoming award season.[1]



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