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Name: Meredith
Fandoms: X-Files
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Meredith is an X-Files author.

Several of her works were rec'd at Xclusively Our Opinion as well as in News for the OBSSEsed.

Notable fanworks

Fan Comments


Meredith's stories are a must read for any Scully fan. She obviously understands and loves this character. My first pick is an interesting look at Scully from the inside from the perspectives of someone who is her and someone who is not quite, in the post-colonization piece, "A Show of Strength." For a short piece in which Scully makes a deal with the devil to save Mulder, check out, "Heaven In Hell's Despair." And in the "Not for Kids" category, try "Boundless," which proves that sometimes when you find what you've been looking for there is no joy, and you discover that the real truth has been with you all along. All of Meredith's work can be found at this website. [1]



"Underrated" is a word I hate using while describing a -very- talented author who, for some unknown reason, isn't being heralded to the skies, but unfortunately I can't think of any other. Meredith has been such a long-time staple of fine MSR writing, and such an innovator in so many ways, for so many years, I really can't figure it out. Maybe it's her unassuming and gentle personality, maybe it's her careful, painstaking craftsmanship that limits the number of fics she presents to us on the basis of quality, not quantity, or maybe she should change her posting name to "Really Fantastic Author You Shouldn't Miss!," but I have a feeling that just isn't her style. [grin]

She's generous with her readers, giving them wonderful prose, beautifully and cleanly presented, along with characterization that many of us could take a lesson from. Look, when I say that she's *that* good, trust me... she's *that* good.

"Heaven In Hell's Despair" is her "signature" piece, but if you stop there, you are missing FAR too much else that's great and wonderful in her catalog of goodies. I personally would recommend ALL of her works, especially her latest "Lower Heaven" the long awaited "follow-up" to HIHD. Read 'em and weep (especially if you are writer. Yes, this is what we have to aspire to.)

So, get thee onto thy browser, plug in the URL I give to you and READ her stuff. After reading and falling in love with this fine author, be SURE to send her a letter, even if it's just a little one. Remember, our old XFFanfic troopers, especially one as graceful and talented as this as this, need those sweet lumps of feedback sugar to keep them writing.

Go, run... read. And don't forget that feedback.



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