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Name: Lydia Bower
Fandoms: X-Files
URL: Imagine the Possibilites, Archived version
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Lydia Bower is an X-Files fanfic writer.


From Her Website

If you're a frequent visitor here, please indulge me while I do a quick review for anyone stopping by for the first time. My name is Lydia Bower and I write X-Files fanfiction. I'm of the 'Shipper persuasion, and my writing reflects that. In other words, if the idea of Mulder and Scully becoming romantically involved with each other bothers you, this probably isn't the place you want to be.

Additionally, I make it a practice not to indulge in needless sap and gratuitous mush. These stories are not the "hearts and flowers" type. I much prefer to write Mulder and Scully as the flawed, less-than-perfect human beings they are. All of my stories include content ratings. I can't be held liable for your behavior.

Please read and enjoy these stories responsibly.

One last thing before you go exploring: feedback is the only payment we fanfic authors receive. Just think of the joy you'll spread if you take a minute to send me comments on the stories you've read. Good or bad, I cherish it [1]

Fan Comments

Unless you just found yourself in the XF Fanfic universe only in the last week or so, I almost don't need to tell you to go here. But I'm telling you: Go. Lydia writes these incredibly angsty, plot-and-romance-CAN-get-along stories that will have you on the edge of your seat. Her award-winning novella "Primal Sympathy" is, in fact, how the Primal Screamers got their name. Lydia writes the Mulder I fell in love with. Go. Read. Swoon. It's good for you. [2]

Lydia wrote my favorite ending to "Gethsemane." Of course, it is my favorite because in her world, St. Scully did not lie, and Mulder gets what he deserves upon showing his face again. Not to worry though, everything works out in the end (to the tune of an NC-17 chapter). So, for an alternate take on what might have happened, check out "Primal Sympathy". Actually, while you're there, you might also want to look at "Dance Without Sleeping", Lydia's post "Memento Mori" tale of angst and love. Cover your eyes younger members, though adult content is clearly marked in her work. If you find you like these stories, you're in luck. She's written quite a bit, and it can all be found on her webpage: [3]

Some Stories


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