The Sound of Your Voice

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You may be looking for Sound of Your Voice, an X-Files story. You may be looking for The Sound of His Voice, a Spock/McCoy story.

K/S Fanfiction
Title: The Sound of Your Voice
Author(s): Martha Selena Brown
Date(s): 1988
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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The Sound of Your Voice is a K/S story by Martha Selena Brown.

It was published in Charisma #3.


"Kirk is kidnapped by aliens and placed in sensory deprivation where the only thing that keeps him sane is the fantasy that Spock is there... in the uncharacteristic role of his lover."

Reactions and Reviews

[The Sound of Your Voice]: For a story about Spock's voice, there is relatively little auditory imagery here. I think that more attention to the vocal aspect would have made the story so much better. McCoy does have one great line about Kirk, however. "Other people hallucinate Orion slave girls, he hallucinates briefing room sessions." That's a true classic. One incident bothered me, though. I didn't particularly care for the idea of Kirk having trouble over beaming up in a pink robe. I see Kirk as too secure about his masculinity to care about the color of a robe. That seems out of character to me. [1]
[The Sound of Your Voice]: I liked this story a lot. It had very even pacing, good suspense, and Ms. Brown's usual touch of humor. And it was refreshing to not have 'the big sex scene' at the end. The sensory deprivation element was handled very well, producing many touching moments. It's only possible flaw may be that in needed a more powerful scene somewhere along the way—i.e., a climax, such as when Kirk was rescued, or something concerning the alien. But a different kind of story, and a very pleasing read. The descriptions of the total sensory deprivation Kirk endured were very vivid and scary - really showed how horrible such a thing would be. I liked McCoy's telling Spock that Kirk needed to touch after the experience, and I enjoyed McCoy making sure he told Kirk about Spock's actions and words to Marilla when he found her. The major problems I had with this story was it was too short - I should think it would take longer for Kirk to get so confused. Also, it ended too abruptly. [2]


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