Joann Humby

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Name: Joann Humby
Fandoms: X-Files
Communities: X-Clusive, Chronicle X
URL: Joann's X-Files (author page, archived link)
Author: Humby, Joann at Gossamer
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Joann Humby is an X-Files fanfic writer.


Comments by Fans

An introduction to Joann Humby's work...

Joann is a writer who is big on plot. I enjoy a good plot too, that's why I listed her here. Joann is very much like all the other great writers on X-Clusive - when she writes she goes for an entertaining story with a well thought out plot line and good characters. I have a soft spot for Joann's stories because in some of them she features ISU's favorite soon-to-be-insane-ex-Mulder-supervisor Bill Patterson. My favorites are Management Training and First Impressions because they deal with Mulder's early days as a profiler, working under the driven and demanding Patterson.[1]

Some Fiction


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