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Title: Half Life Series
Author(s): Joann Humby
Date(s): 1998 - 2002
Length: 10k to 17k
Genre: Vignette/Story Angst[note 1]
Fandom: The X-Files
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The Half Life series is a series of related X-Files stories by Joann Humby. They can be considered character studies of Fox Mulder, as all of them center around Mulder's reaction to the death of his sister, although they're weren't necessarily labelled as such by Joann herself. The series description from Joann's own website was:

An occasional series - short stories set on the anniversary of Samantha's disappearance. See indivudual stories for ratings. Maybe not everything he thinks or does comes back to Samantha but maybe there are times when her shadow looms that little bit larger.[1]

The Series

The following works are listed in chronological order, the way they appeared on Joann's website. They are not listed in publication order.

Half Life 1974 [1] archive Date: May 1998Length: 12kGenre: Vignette/Angst
A year after Samantha Mulder went missing. What's happening to Fox?
Half Life 1976 [2] archive Date: July 2002Length: 10kGenre: Vignette/Angst
On the anniversary of Samantha's abduction. Mrs Mulder looks at her son.
Half Life 1984 [3] archive Date: May 1998Length: 13kGenre: Story/Angst
On the eleventh anniversary of Samantha Mulder's disappearance, Fox Mulder is in England with Phoebe Green.
Half Life 1987 [4] archive Date: September 1999Length: 17kGenre: Story/Angst
It's November 27, 1987, Samantha Mulder has been missing for 14 years, Fox Mulder is working for Bill Patterson in the ISU.
Half Life 1995 archive Date: Nov 2002Length: 3kGenre: Vignette/Angst
It's just coming up to the 27th November, 1995. Samantha Mulder has been missing for 22 years. Fox Mulder is working on an X-File with Dana Scully

There was also a story titled "Half Life 2001" with the description "Mulder is missing, Scully is pregnant." listed on the last version of Joann's website available,[1] but it appears to have never materialized before Joann's website went defunct in late 2007 and it isn't archived on The Gossamer Project.

Reactions and Reviews

Joann Humby has written so many great X-Files fanfics over the years, including some bang-up casefiles that I've really enjoyed.. But I am highlighting her Half Life series, which puts the spotlight in turn on many different X-Files characters at different points in their lives. The topics are uniformly angsty, but the character portraits are by turns chilling, surprising, and enlightening. Also check out "Past Imperfect," a profiler!Mulder story that is another favorite of mine.[2]

Half Life 1976

This excellent POV on a young Mulder is notable for its Teena characterisation. Her view of him is both harsh and loving, fondness shaped by pragmatism and pain. A lot of guts in few words.[3]

Notes and References


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