Chronicle X Interview with Annie Sewell-Jennings

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Chronicle X Interview with Annie Sewell-Jennings
Interviewer: uncredited
Interviewee: Annie Sewell-Jennings
Date(s): May 1999
Medium: online
Fandom(s): X-Files
External Links: interview online here; copy
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Chronicle X Interview with Annie Sewell-Jennings was conducted in 1999 by the Chronicle X archive.

Some Excerpts

I've *always* written fiction, even before I could write. I used to make stories up with Barbie dolls. Occasionally, there was smut with the Barbies, though Ken was not very well-equipped for such activity. But there were always intricate stories and plots beneath every play. When I *did* learn how to write, I would write down stories on looseleaf paper or notebooks, and my first computer was a Godsend. I perfected the hunt-and-peck method, and my fingers are finally learning to catch up with my brain. :)
Other than the obvious (killing Fowley and giving Mulder and Scully sex), I would change the direction that the show has taken this season. As much as I enjoy the comedy episodes, I don't think that they constitute an entire season. If I could change one thing, I would turn the focus back to the characters and their struggle for truth. The perfect example of this is the fourth season, which was full of character insight and yet had my favorite comedy episode, "Small Potatoes". It was absolutely perfect. Season Six just doesn't capture me the way that the show used to. But I still love it with the same ardor that I always have -- I just hold little marathons of older episodes to maintain my interest sometimes. ;) I will say this much, however -- I have been very impressed by recent episodes, such as "Milagro" and especially "The Unnatural".
[The Mulder/Scully dynamic is] incredible. The dynamic is what makes everything work. Their ongoing romance with each other is riveting; it's what keeps me coming back every week. They have endured everything, from death to the near-end of the world, and they have endured it together. I believe that there is a love there, a sexual attraction and a friendship that has kindled into a deep love over the years, and I'm one of those Shippers that want them to acknowledge that and celebrate it on the show. In other words: yes, I want them together and I want it to happen *now*. <g> Seriously, the Mulder/Scully dynamic is the epitome of love in its truest form, and it is what I one day want for myself.
The first piece of XF fanfic I ever read was "12 Rites of Passage" by Anne Haynes. I fell in love immediately. I loved the idea that there were people who were also infatuated with the show, just as much as I was, and that there was some damn good fanfic out there in the world. I devoured everything I could get my hands on, and when I found smut I was in absolute *heaven*. It was like the first taste of Godiva -- rich, decadent, and it made me smile in a wicked way. And just like Godiva, I was instantly addicted. ;)