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Name: Anne Haynes, Paula Graves
Fandoms: X-Files
Communities: Idealists Haven
URL: The Fan Fiction of Anne Haynes - archived by (Last Updated 5/3/2000) WebCite
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Anne Haynes (Paula Graves) was an X-Files fic writer that mainly wrote MSR stories that spanned several stories as well post-episode stories and vignettes inspired by sonnets.

In 1999 she was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award - Second Place (tie with Karen Rasch) at the 1999 Spooky Awards.

"After initially publishing stories under her real name, she later chose to remove much of her existing work from external archives and publish exclusively on her own site, which has been gathering dust in a corner of The Wayback Machine for way too long.

Sadly Anne passed away in 2017, so we’re glad to have the opportunity to remember her through the legacy of her fiction."

Unless you've been living in a fanfic cave, you've probably heard of Paula or read some of her stories. She also took a shot at ending "Gethsemane" from a different angle in, "Between Two Truths". While visiting Paula's webpage, be sure to read "The Plankton Adventure," an hilarious spoof on "War of the Coprophages" that Scullyists' will love. This time it is Our Dear Dana that's getting all the attention - complete with a scientist hunk named Grey Hare. [1]

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