12 Degrees of Separation

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Title: 12 Degrees of Separation
Author(s): Anne Haynes
Date(s): 1996
Length: 565K
Genre: het, MSR UST to RST
Fandom: The X-Files
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12 Degrees of Separation is an X-Files story by Anne Haynes. It is a sequel to 12 Rites of Passage.

It was the winner of a 1996 Spooky Award.

Reactions and Reviews

Date Unknown

Mulder & Scully characterization in this story is fantastic. The plot is woven together so well, excellent UST which leads on to great RST garnished with lots of witty lines. The plot will keep you hooked on to the end and when it is finished, you would want to start over for some more. A true masterpiece! [1]

The author uses the five act drama scheme nicely in this sequel of "12 Rites of Passage", thus giving the piece a wonderful up and down of emotions and dramatic. Even though the ancient Greek drama scheme is used, its rhythm did undergo some changes in this story. Yet, these changes did not harm but support the story.

Especially in the end, it is a cheesy story, but the way there is interesting. Even if there are occasionally some areas when the reader wishes the author would continue the action and not just stand there and contemplate the situation. On other occassions within the narration, though, these moments are done very well. Yet, it does depend on how often one repeats this kind of contemplation with the reader watching it and also in how much detail it is done over and over again. The repetition is a good tool, but only for so many times.

Personnally, I do not want to see them struggle over something that is already set in stone. Maybe this is due to the amount of stories, I have already read, with similar storieslines, but it is only fascinating so often. However, for those out there who did not read as many fanfiction of this area yet, it is one of the best stories.[2]


Hmmm.... first story I ever read was 12 Degrees of Separation (and it's still my favorite). It took two days for my 2400 modem to download it, but it was great.[3]


"12 Degrees of Seperation" by Anne Haynes [was the first fanfic I ever read]. I'd heard about fanfic when E! Online mentioned Gossamer on their Top Ten X-Files sites list. I read the first story listed in the archive. (It was in alphabetical order. <g>) Needless to say I was addicted to fanfic faster than a college kid to coffee.[4]

Yes, "12 Degrees of Separation" was my first fan fic - XF or otherwise. I never even realised such a world existed. I was just looking for spoilers (six months of NO X-Files, reruns or otherwise made me very edgy). So I'm looking and suddenly I see XF fan fiction. I become curious and thought, what the hay, let's have a peek. I click to "The Eurisko Archives" (random choice) and lo and behold, a new and magical world appears. I take a look at all the names and randomly select any name. Hmmm, Paula Graves...sounds like a nice name. So I click on to that and WOH! I was hooked. I went to read every story that was by her on the list. Then I started reading all the others. A few weeks later after INTENSIVE work, I discovered the Mecca of all fanfic - Gossamer! My world has never been the same. :::sigh happily:::[5]

The first X-File fan fiction I ever read was "Twelve Degrees of Separation" by Paula Graves. My first thought about it was roughly along the lines of "art inspires art".[6]


12 Rites of Passage and 12 Degrees of Separation by Anne Hayes were what really inspired me to write and get more into fanfic. Just incredible...[7]


In my mind [12 Rites of Passage and 12 Degrees of Separation] are one and the same because I read both parts in order together and you can't have one without the other.[8]


Milquetoast sap that's been deemed the ultimate MSR classic for nearly a decade. It sucked way back when, it sucks now. [9]


Do you guys have one of those stories that just represents everything that fanfiction is to you? Maybe it’s that smut biscuit that is so deliciously written, or that casefile that reads like the latest thriller that Barnes and Noble just released. Or perhaps it’s that novel length introspection piece that weaves through the inner workings of Mulder and Scully’s minds as they finagle their way through their relationship.

For us, these are it, and the wonderful author managed to snag us hook, line, and sinker within the first few sentences. Today’s double feature has won multiple Spooky Awards, and rightfully so as they’re utter perfection, stories you can read over and over again. Our beloved duo are written expertly in this character driven novel as they struggle to embark on a new journey, foraying from platonic to romantic.

It was brought to our attention that the author, Anne Haynes, has recently passed away. We here at TXF Fic Chicks are forever grateful for the stories she’s crafted for our fandom, and for blessing us with her epic tales of Mulder and Scully. May she rest in peace as her beautiful words live forever in our fandom, etched eternally into our hearts. xoxo [10]


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