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You may be looking for the The Road Series.

Title: Roads Series, Goin' Nowhere
Author(s): Nicole Perry
Date(s): 1998
Length: 149299 words
Genre: het, MSR, Blind fic
Fandom: The X-Files
External Links: "Going Nowhere series" aka "The Road series" by Nicole Perry complete at the The Annex

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Roads Series (also known as Goin' Nowhere) is an R-rated five part X-Files WIP story by Nicole Perry that was never finished. The story is considered a Fandom classic[1] and has been rec'd[2],[3] regularly. It is and was archived in the most common X-Files fan fiction archive like Chronicle X, The Annex: X-Files Novel Archive, Gossamer and Whispers of X.

The Road Series includes the stories "Goin' Nowhere", "Passing Through", "At The Blue Hotel", and "Down The Tracks" and "A Divided Highway".

Reactions and Reviews

Well, we're back to torture and disability again. This is also the greatest 'on the run' story. Scully is blinded in an explosion and the Consortium is after her for what she saw and what she is to them. She and Mulder are on the run while she learns to live with her blindness. GREAT angst, great MSR, great M/S friendship, great adventure.. This story really has it all, and it's SOOO well written.[4]


A Divided Highway is the winner of eight 1997 EMXC Awards of Best Action/Adventure,Best Author, Best Novel, Best Romance, Best Series (3 or more stories with a continuous plot-line), Best Story in a Series and Best Non-TV Series 3rd Character (Good Guy). Character Cristophe was a runner-up for Best Villian.


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