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Name: Pearl-o
Alias(es): Pearl, pearl_o, schmerica
Type: Fan writer
Fandoms: Bandom, C6D , due South, Everwood, Firefly, Smallville, Wilby Wonderful, X-Men Movieverse
URL: (pre-2007 fic)

Pearlfic on delicious
Pearl_o on AO3

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Pearl-o is a prolific fan writer active in multiple fandoms. She gives blanket permission for any fanworks inspired by hers. [1]


Her first fandom was Smallville, where she was very active in 2002-2003, writing mainly Clark/Lex slash.

due South and 6 Degrees of Canada

Pearl-o was an active writer in the due South fandom from about 2004 to 2007 and also wrote a fair bit of 6 Degrees of Canada, including but not limited to Wilby Wonderful, Hard Core Logo, Men With Brooms, Twitch City, and Slings & Arrows.

Writing style

Giulietta says of Pearl-o's due South stories:

"If I had to pick one thing about Pearl's writing that I love, it's her ability to write characters that come across as only human. Yes, they're on TV; yes, they have vastly improbable lives; yes, they are frikkin' gorgeous. But they're still just people, with bad habits and insecurities and normal human desires. And she takes those ordinary humans and just lets beautiful things happen to them." [2]

Other Fandoms

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Notable Works

due South

  • I'm Only Gonna Say This Once (Kowalski/ Vecchio). The amazing thing about Ray/Ray is that both of them are imperfect, in some similar ways and some completely different ways, and the beauty comes from showing that those imperfections complement each other. This fic does this wonderfully and quietly, with a classic too-tough-for-romance Kowalski voice that makes all the tenderness almost unbearably subtle.
  • Your Hands, Clasped (Fraser/Kowalski). Beautiful, lyrical Fraser POV narration, walking through the steps of trying to start a relationship when the odds are impossible and there is only everything to lose by trying. The whole story has an intimate kind of rhythm to it, with sparse dialogue that packs a punch.
  • How Many Ways and sequel Merry Bells Keep Ringing (Fraser/Kowalski) aka the Carrieverse. Kidfic of the best kind: messy and angry and adorable and all of the things that happen when two people try to incorporate a young human into their lives. Just the right amounts of every ingredient.
  • A is for Apple
  • You & I Are ____, co-written with Nifra Idril


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