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Name: History Lesson
Date(s): 2002-present (last updated 2003)
Archivist: Kate Bolin
Founder: Kate Bolin
Type: fan fiction
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
URL: History Lesson
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History Lesson is a small archive for Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfiction about the vampire slayers before Buffy, from the Primal Slayer on.[1] The archivist is Kate Bolin. Launched in April 2002, the archive was last updated in July 2003.[2] It remains online as of April 2012.

The archive contains 23 stories about slayers ranging from the primeval era to the 1980s, including original characters as well as canonical slayers such as the First Slayer, the Chinese slayer killed by Spike, and Nikki Wood. The authors archived are Alex, Amberina, Blitzgal, Christina, Dolores Labouchere, Francis, Gunbunny, HumbugGirl, Indri, Jennifer-Oksana, Kate Bolin, Lara Dean-Brierly, Nostalgia, Roz Kaveney, s.a., Selena Ulrich, Soren Nyrond, Twinkledru J. and Wendy.

The site also includes a page of information about canonical slayers, drawing on television canon as well as Tales Of The Slayers and other spin-off novels.

History Lesson is affiliated with the BtVS Writers' Guild. It is recommended by Espresso Addict.[3]

This archive also had a Yahoo! Group called "History Lesson." It was created on June 17, 2002. It was here but is now offline.


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