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Name: Indri
Type: writer, reccer
Fandoms: Buffyverse
URL: Blood and Weetabix;; @All About Spike; @LJ
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Indri is a fan writer and reccer predominantly active in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fandom since 2002. Laura, archivist of All About Spike, calls her one of the most talented, interesting, and unique writers of Buffyverse fanfic.[1]

Indri is perhaps best known for writing about the character Spike; Miss Edith writes that she really captures Spike's "voice" the way very few fanfic authors do.[2] Her studies of minor characters have also been widely praised. Most recently, she has completed a trilogy starring Giles and Ethan Rayne. Much of her fanfiction is gen, but she also writes explicit het.

Her stories are archived at her personal site, Blood and Weetabix, with a selection at All About Spike, Better Buffy Fiction Archive and

Indri maintains a Buffyverse recs page, Blood and Weetabix Recommends.

In Her Own Words

From an interview at All About Spike:

[On writing fanfiction] It's play. You can try out many different forms, genres and styles and explore different techniques very easily. Plus you can write in a very dense and allusive fashion, as you can assume that most of your audience is completely familiar with the backstory and characters. Also I very much enjoy working within the tight confines of canon; I love interpolating. ...
Strengths? I'm willing to take chances. I'm willing to do research. I have a strong (but not infallible) sense of the cadences of the written word and I've been pleased by some of the visual imagery I've been able to deploy. Weaknesses? I can never make my characters have extended conversations. And there are some characters whose voices I find very difficult to do, such as Willow and Faith. Also, perhaps because I write so slowly, I tend to be too concise, always impatient to be on to the next section because the last one took so long to write. And I worry that sometimes my prose style is too mannered. ...
...I only ever seem to write two kinds of story, one of statis and one of rushing headlong into one's fate.[3]

Notable Works


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