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Name: Rupert Giles
Occupation: librarian, Watcher, shop owner
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Other: played by Anthony Stewart Head (Uther on Merlin)
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Rupert Giles is a supporting character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He started off as Buffy's Watcher and a general force for good. He was briefly fired from the Watcher's Council, but was reinstated in season five.



In het, Giles is paired most often with Buffy, but also with Cordelia, Willow, Anya and Jenny Calendar (canon). Giles/Joyce and Giles/Olivia were both canon for single episodes but are very rare pairings. With the lease of Buffy Season 8 comics, pairing Giles with Faith gained some popularity.

In slash fiction he is often paired with Ethan Rayne (implied by the number of male and female members of his demon-summoning group), but Giles/Xander, Giles/Spike and Giles/Wesley are also highly popular.

Giles was a winner of an online competition run by Laura Shapiro to become the emblematic BSO of her vid, I Put You There.

Common Tropes & Storylines

  • Ripper - Giles' alterego Ripper makes an appearance in some fanworks. These are not exclusively pre-canon works.
  • Magic is a common trope employed in BtVs works. Giles is often the unintended target of a spell cast by Willow Rosenberg or Ethan Rayne
  • Post-NFA works often show Giles' efforts to rebuild the Watcher's Council.

Example Fanfiction


  • All Set Down by desoto-hia873. What if Buffy's blood hadn't closed Glory's portal? A darker take on "The Gift." Words: about 3 300.
  • Looking-Glass House by Doyle. A story about Dana, the insane slayer, whom Giles brings to England. Words: about 1 100.
  • Combined Force by Meltha. Giles and Spike join together in order to face one of the most terrifying events ever to happen in Sunnydale. Heh. Words: about 3 000.
  • The End of the Beginning by Mariner. Giles & Ethan-centered crossover novel with Harry Potter Words: about 77 000.
  • Grief That Does Not Speak by estepheia. Of course it’s death that brings Giles and Angel together. Buffy’s death. Words: about 2 200.
  • Mission Accomplished by beer-good-foamy. The first, last and hardest duty of all Watchers. Buffy has been dead for 24 hours, and there is nothing more for Giles to do... no, wait, he has one last job. One last mission to send his Slayer on. Words: about 3 000.
  • On This Side of Goodbye by DragonsPhoenix. In the comics Giles gives Faith the opportunity to help Slayers who have gone astray. In this story she extends her purview to Watchers to make sure a resurrected Giles has a choice about what to do with his new life. Words: about 8 500.
  • Saved in Translation by noelia_g. Giles and his language. Words: about 500.
  • Sufficient Champagne by Cynthia Liskow. Anya and Giles contemplate love, loss, and lessons learned. Words: about 4 500.
  • Vampyre! by il-mio-capitano. The Watcher’s Council turns Giles into a vampire in a misguided effort to get Buffy to do its bidding. Spike reluctantly ends up with the fledge-sitting duties, and the surprises just keep coming. Words: about 13 500.


Buffy/Giles, Giles/Faith and Giles/Jenny fanfiction examples can be found on the respective pages of these pairings.

Other Giles Het
  • Axis Mundi by sophiahelix. Giles/Willow. Willow isn't such a fast learner after all. Words: about 2 200.
  • Candy in the Freezer by Mikelesq. Giles/Joyce. Giles' alter ego Ripper makes an unexpected return. Words: about 7 000.
  • Corpus et Sanguis by Trekker. Giles/Willow. A vengeful spell leaves Giles in a condition he never imagined he'd be in, and changes his life completely. Mpreg. Words: about 57 000.
  • Lies My Lover Told Me by Glassdarkly. Giles/Olivia, post-series. Sometimes Giles wishes he could lie again... Words: about 3 600.
  • Praeludere by Florrie. Giles/Cordelia. He couldn’t care less where Cordelia slept. The cockroaches and she should be extremely happy together at the Sunnydale Motel... Words: about 5 000.
  • The Waking by Mad Poetess. Unusual Giles/OC vignette. Words: about 10 700.


Giles/Ethan, Giles/Spike and Giles/Xander fanfiction examples can be found on the respective pages of these pairings.

Other Giles Slash
  • Carpe Diem by Sarah T.. Giles/Oz. On the eve of Graduation Day Oz keeps panicking... Words: about 1 000.
  • Closer to Oblivion by phantisma. Giles/Angel. Post series. Giles has appetites he hasn't indulged, and the appearance of Angel, now fully human and still aching with a need for pennance, brings Giles a taste for power. Words: about 2 000.
  • Grief, Written on Skin by Mireille. Giles/Wesley. Two ex-watchers mourn the Slayer. Words: about 3 500.
  • Life is What Happens When You're Making Other Plans by wesleysgirl. Giles/Wesley. Human AU, Giles and Wesley in their cautious, repressed selves. Not a vampire in sight, but a great deal of bookbinding talk, which is utterly in character. Words: about 2 800.

Polyamory and Other Pairings

  • Dead!Giles Series by thea_bromine. Giles/Spike/Wesley. Giles dies. But it's just a beginning of the story. Words: about 52 000.
  • Into the Dark Age by Sadbhyl. Giles/Buffy/Ethan. Visiting London after her stay in Italy, Buffy makes a wish that takes her back in time. In this time, her boyfriend is Ethan Rayne, and his partner in crime Ripper seems to have a certain claim on her attention as well. Words: about 33 000.
  • Learning to Be Flexible by brutti_ma_buoni. Giles/Illyria/Spike. Three non-teenagers stuck in the stronghold of the Slayerettes. They can't play gin rummy all the time... Can they?. Words: about 1 500.
  • Lust at First Sight by feliciacraft. Giles/surprise. It was lust at first sight - Giles knew as soon as he set his eyes on her, all the way across the room. Words: about 600.
  • Responsible Adults (aka, The Menageaverse) by Sadbhyl. Giles/Ethan/Joyce. Joyce Summers walked into a bar...and created an alternate universe. Words: about 309 000.

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